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  • ...roup is considered to be the highest committee; thus, its members serve as models for cooperation and leadership. But it’s the most important role of the InteCom to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere between every Tang
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  • ...ophy of the UP College of Nursing is anchored on the belief that its major role is to strengthen the capabilities of its individual members and the society ...and the university, in general and continue to be the inspiration and role models of the alumni and students who make the university proud of their accomplis
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  • ...t a paper on "The Rise of Worker Cooperatives in the Philippines and their Role in Democratizing the Economy" in Bali, Indonesia this September. She is als Chapter Author, Tripartism and the Role of the State in a Period of Restructuring under Globalization, The Filipino
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  • ...f religion (including the clergy) should be well-trained and serve as role models for Catholic youth.
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  • ...for a medical workflow system. Although Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) models provide a generalized approach to access control, it cannot cope with the g
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  • Protection systems have an important role to play in a field that commands constant improvement in efficiency and ser ...system protection through better relay miss-operation investigation. The models crated were verified through comparison with manufacturer’s curves and em
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  • ...s education initiative for Adopt-A-School Program. The projects operate on models of partnership, hence the areas of strength of Smart Schools Program as Tec Communication’s role in building support, establishing dynamic inter-sector communication, susta
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  • #Inquiry Models of Teaching #Valuing Models of Teaching
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  • ...production and distribution were analyzed and juxtaposed, focusing on the role of social media technology and user ...The research also examined how newsrooms, ethical standards, and business models evolved on the Web. The research used quantitative and qualitative methods.
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  • ...ive as the undisputed heroes of a lost cause, keeping their status as role-models of the young generations.
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  • Yap fans. Models of role and social identity were used, along with hermeneutic analysis, to discover
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  • Idol ni Juan: Influence of Celebrity and Community Role Models in Aspirations and Success Perceptions of In-School and Out-of-Formal Schoo ...iolo, D.P. (2014). Idol ni Juan: Influence of Celebrity and Community Role Models in Aspirations and Success Perceptions of In-School and Out-of-Formal Schoo
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  • ...he form for requesting courses (visible only to users with current teacher role), to the user's contacts * Enables an UVLe user (with at least a teacher role) to use UVLe as a reservation system for a lab or any facility, for exams o
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