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  • You may archive huge media files (ex: film thesis) on [ Obletorr], provided you own the copyright o * If you want your film to be downloadable from networks other than Dilnet, please inform obletorr@
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  • ...rieval.<ref name="UG Catalog 88">{{cite book}}</ref><ref>{{cite book|title=Thesis Section Manual of Procedures|date=2013|publisher=UP College of Engineering ...llectual output of the College in the form of undergraduate and graduate [[thesis]] and special problem, [[feasibility studies]], plant designs and other mul
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  • ...Pacific. Utilizing a comprehensive training via an apprenticeship scheme, thesis work (required for undergraduate and graduate degree) is carried out under ...s for either liquid phase epitaxy or molecular beam epitaxy. It also has a film deposition machine such as a radio-frequency magnetron sputtering system. T
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  • ...e Philippines Diliman]], committed to serve the film community and promote film awareness, appreciation and understanding, and as well as to other forms of ...out the years, it has gained recognition as the first and premiere student film organization in the country.
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  • Manongdo, J.A.A. (2014). Ipinanganak Na Nakayapak. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication. ...p:// View Thesis]
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  • Sanchez, C.A. (2014). Huling Hiling, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication. The film centers on the perplexing decision Celia has to make. Initially, Celia expr
    779 bytes (120 words) - 17:47, 4 January 2015
  • ...performance and production from scholars, practitioners, leading stage and film artists, and recognized personages in theater. ...ions have been more colorful with the special participation of a number of film directors, US-based theater artists, visiting professors, movie and televis
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  • * Film Center * To find books, journals, thesis, audiovisual, etc.
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  • “Banaag” is a 23-minute film that tells the story of a painter, who is grieving the death of his wife. T Guided by the principles provided by John Bowlby’s attachment theory, the film exemplifies someone’s physical, emotional and even cognitive responses to
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  • ...C. (2010). Ang Sandaling Sadya nina Lire at Isa. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis. Unibersidad ng Pilipinas Kolehiyo ng Komunikasyong Pangmadla. ...ure]. Philippines. (Available at the University of the Philippines Diliman Film Institute)
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  •, and to uncover why such changes occur. Through content analysis of the film and the television series, the researcher verified Sicat’s conclusion. Ch ...Patayin Mo sa Sindak si Barbara into Television. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines Diliman.
    2 KB (229 words) - 07:51, 10 March 2012
  • ''Wala Nang Next Time'' is a musical film that tells the story of a senior high school student who stands on a point ...cally placed at moments where the characters feel heightened emotions. The film reinforces Martin Sutton’s idea that “the musical ... turns its wayward
    1 KB (203 words) - 17:48, 2 May 2011
  • The film “Balatkayo” is about a woman's journey for control. The story revolves The film seeks to explore the concept of control. It rests upon the idea that the
    1 KB (169 words) - 00:04, 14 February 2011
  • Lavalle, E. C. (2010). Casa de los Niños, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication. ...'s learning and social interactions. Family is a social construct. In this film, Daniel and Mona have different views of family. Mona, being young at the a
    1 KB (226 words) - 18:19, 16 February 2011
  • ...the biggest factor that creates conflict between the two characters in the film, can only be resolved if the two characters decide to change their perspect Sastrillo, B.H. (2010). Uyayi, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication.
    1 KB (233 words) - 22:27, 1 May 2011
  • This film explores the relationship of a mother and daughter who suffered grief due t ...l’s needs are two of the messages the filmmaker wants to connect in this film.
    2 KB (248 words) - 17:52, 23 February 2011
  • ...pine Daily Inquirer, and film viewing. Results revealed that the care work film production is facilitated in different ways by the news, producers, and cel ...rkFilmsMajorFilipinoFilmStars/index.php Care Work Films and Major Filipino Film Stars] (access requires UP Webmail account)
    3 KB (403 words) - 18:10, 16 February 2011
  • ...sserts that a posiive approach to failure leads to a positive result. This thesis is supported by theories such as Lacan’s psychoanalytic theory on self-co [[Category:Student Papers]][[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category: Theses]]
    1 KB (207 words) - 01:38, 3 March 2011
  • Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication. This undergraduate thesis explores the concept of monstrosity in the society, deconstruction of famil
    1 KB (150 words) - 02:34, 26 March 2012
  • ...vely. He was awarded the 2008 Leticia Shahani Award for Best Undergraduate Thesis in Applied Physics and the 2010 Most Outstanding Master of Science Graduate ...asma-processed polymeric materials for vehicular interiors”, Plasma Thin film International Union Meeting (PLATHINIUM 2019), Antibes, France, 23-27 Septe
    44 KB (5,824 words) - 01:40, 22 September 2019
  • ...oltage in Bi<sub>2</sub>Sr<sub>2</sub>CaCu<sub>2</sub>O<sub>8+d</sub> Thin Film. A.P.C. dela Cruz, C.R. de la Cruz and R.V. Sarmago, Science Diliman V.14, *Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation in Advanced S&T (Physics) (adviser) of DOST-PCIEERD (2010)
    8 KB (1,134 words) - 03:29, 13 August 2012

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