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  • to accounting majors where seminars in PICPA Activities and education films features were conducted twice a month, with the enthusiastic endorsement of ...ion Program Committee, serving as Chairperson for AY 1999-2000, 2000-2001, 2003-2004, and 2004-2005.<br/><br/>
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  • In 2003, UP CMC absorbed the U.P. Film Center in a merger between the center and th ...arts. Housed in Cine Adarna, UPFI’s theater serves as a venue to screen films free from censorship. Cine Adarna’s screenings are programmed thematicall
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  • ...ladares, H.J. Ramos, “Photodegradation of Rhodamine 6G by amorphous TiO2 films grown on polymethylmethacrylate by magnetron sputtering”, Protection of M ...igoni, F. Guittard, “Crack pattern formation in plasma-treated TiO2 thin films”, 4th International Conference on Bioinspired and Biobased Chemistry and
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  • Enhanced flux pinning in IR PLD grown Y-doped Bi-2212 films. Glaiza Rose S. Blanca, Jeffrey C. De Vero, Wilson O. Garcia, Roland V. Sar ...material in the infrared pulsed laser deposition of yttrium doped Bi-2212 films. Jeffrey C. De Vero, Glaiza Rose S. Blanca, Jaziel R. Vitug, Wilson O. Garc
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  • ...o dramas, children's programs, computer games, dubbed foreign telenovelas, films and anime, and original animation. He conducts voice-acting workshops and r ...peration for Responsible Citizenship and Corporate Governance. On June 12, 2003, he received a Youth Action Net Award given by the [[International Youth Fo
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  • ...source for the synthesis of TiN on stainless steel substrates", Thin Solid Films 506-507 (2006) 613. ...from a magnetized sheet plasma source" , Rev. Sci. Instrum. Vol. 74 No. 2 (2003) 951-955.
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  • 19-28 September 2003<br /><br /><br /> ...3 Films]][[Category:Film Festivals]][[Category:2004 Films]][[Category:2006 Films]]
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  • ...Ishmael Bernal), Tatarin (2001, Tikoy Aguiluz), Ang Huling Birhen sa Lupa (2003, Joel Lamangan), Santa Santita (2004, Laurice Guillen), and Birhen ng Manao ...e and subversiveness in the backdrop of a postcolonial space. The selected films therefore produce images that traverse the spectrum of the stereotype and t
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