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  • .... “Flush.” Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis. University of the Philippines Film Institute, 2020. ...xcessiveness and its correlation to unjust labor and capitalist greed. The film follows a day in the job of a worker who serves a swollen man bound in a pe
    2 KB (264 words) - 12:43, 6 April 2022
  • ...derly man who tries to repair his relationship with his estranged son. The film deals with the struggle of growing old and its psychological and physical r ...Thesis]][[Category:UPFI Thesis]][[Category:2018 Thesis]][[Category:Thesis-Film]]
    1 KB (169 words) - 02:28, 30 August 2022
  • Ang Tala is an animated short film chronicling ordinary events in the life of a little girl until it is tragic ...[ UP Film Institute Thesis] | [
    1 KB (217 words) - 10:53, 24 October 2013
  • ...enomenon of diaspora. The Filipino family culture is also depicted in the film. Family is always at the core and ultimately, each member just wants the be Key Words: Japayuki, diaspora, OFW film
    875 bytes (118 words) - 04:57, 16 June 2022
  • ...eality Theory, Aswang Complex, and the progression of the Horror Film. The film uses the concept of the Aswang to antagonize the prevailing social control [[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category:Department of Film and Audio Visual Communication Thesis]][[Category:Theses]]
    709 bytes (100 words) - 07:31, 17 June 2022
  • ...idealism, and politics of memories, and how these are lost and found. The film tries to paint how internal struggles and contradictions are fought through [[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category:Theses]][[Category:Film Institute Thesis]][[Category:2013 Thesis]]
    628 bytes (88 words) - 05:26, 17 June 2022
  • ...s setting plays an important role on the behavior of the characters of the film. ...]][[Category:Middle-class Family and Repression ]][[Category:Department of Film and Audio Visual Communication Thesis]][[Category:Theses]]
    1 KB (137 words) - 02:41, 30 August 2022
  • through a short film framed by the Narrative Theory of film, Cognitive Identification and Empathy in film, Realism, and the functions of the cinematic look or gaze.
    945 bytes (133 words) - 02:06, 17 February 2011
  • enter and make sense of the system by an outsider is presented in this film. ...tegory:CMC Thesis]][[Category:UP Film Institute Thesis]][[Category:Thesis--Film]][[Category:Thesis--Subject Sub-field]][[Category:2012 Thesis]]
    812 bytes (114 words) - 02:28, 30 August 2022
  • through a different style of structure or narrative storytelling. The film is made up of three narrative fragments which are distinct from each other, ...Thesis]][[Category:2013 Thesis]][[Category:Literature in Film]][[Category:Film Structure & Form]][[Category:Structuralist]]
    1 KB (150 words) - 05:35, 17 June 2022
  • ...nd how the idea of a society can control the actions of an individual. The film uses the idea of norms and uniformity as an inevitable trap set by the envi ...ory:CMC Thesis]][[Category:Film Institute Thesis]][[Category:Department of Film and Audio Visual Communication Thesis]][[Category:Thesis--Social Norms]][[C
    930 bytes (138 words) - 05:02, 16 June 2022
  • ...and how dependent man has become to technology in contemporary times. The film also deals with how human relationships are affected by the presence of tec [[Category:Thesis]][[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category:UP Film Institute Thesis]][[Category:2016 Thesis]][[Category:Culture Industry]][[Ca
    803 bytes (117 words) - 01:41, 16 December 2016
  • Ave Aves (Hail to the Birds) is a short film about the process of accepting oneself. [[Category: Theses]] [[Category: CMC Thesis]] [[Category: Film Thesis]] [[Category: 2014 Thesis]]
    421 bytes (62 words) - 02:41, 14 June 2022
  • The film revolves around the subject, Mel Manalili, a seaman in his mid-forties, who ...about the concept of ‘panata’ among the people that portray a Morion. The film also exhibited religious fanaticism to some interviewees.
    1 KB (162 words) - 05:31, 17 June 2022
  • The film attempts to deconstruct lesbian film norms, which focus mainly on coming out, love about two women, relationship [[Category:Theses]][[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category:UP Film Institute Thesis]][[Category:2016 Thesis]][[Category:Thesis--Narrative]][[C
    924 bytes (126 words) - 05:36, 17 June 2022
  • Lunod is an experimental film that will consist of visual of drowning, water and fishes. These visuals wi [[Category:Theses]][[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category: Film Thesis]][[Category: 2014 Thesis]][[Category:Family]][[Category: Socializati
    692 bytes (88 words) - 05:26, 17 June 2022
  • ...y Bayani.” Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines Film Institute, 2019. The film tackles the life of Marina Sarno, a former distressed domestic worker, who
    1 KB (208 words) - 02:46, 30 August 2022
  • Business as Usual is a short satirical comedy film that tells the story of two office workers, Chan and Kody, as they deal wit state of the Philippines for one to be able to fully understand it. The film presents itself humorously while being a metaphor for a pressing current to
    1 KB (207 words) - 02:43, 30 August 2022
  • the absence of a law that recognizes their marriage and sexuality. This film is about breaking the traditional notion of family and marriage in the mids [[Category: CMC Thesis]][[Category:Theses]][[Category: UP Film Institute Thesis]][[Category:2019 Thesis]][[Category:Thesis--Production]][[
    946 bytes (129 words) - 02:31, 30 August 2022
  • The film tells the story of three hamsters that live together, but stick to their ow ...:CMC Thesis]][[Category:UP Film Institute Thesis]][[Category:Department of Film and Audio-Visual Communication Thesis]][[Category:2013 Thesis]]
    923 bytes (138 words) - 02:28, 30 August 2022

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