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  • ...ving. "Winner Winner" is the story of how the elite gains from the poverty of the majority. Framed by ideological criticism, it explores how Christianity ...oving mother who joins the popular game show, "Winner Winner," in the hope of redeeming her daughter’s corpse from the morgue. <br /><br />
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  • mechanism to the longing and worry he feels brought by the uncertainty of where their parents are. Their parents went to a medical mission and cannot ...the land which he named “Kaboomlandia.” He labelled the awesome tandem of their superhero parents as “D Osom 2.”<br /><br />
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  • choose between her personal interests or her need to serve the interest of others just like her friend, Maris, did. ...tion on a personal level but that the struggle continues to the resolution of a bigger struggle – that which affects a societal change.
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  • ...scending filmmaker-within-the-film. In doing so, the film aims to the idea of question religion, its traditions and organization, as well as its most ext [ View Thesis]
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  • ...tle against apathy. Finally, it illustrates how the individualistic nature of today’s society has dislocated, divided, and discriminated the marginaliz "Liyab" explores these themes in a series of long takes, allowing the audience to observe the scenarios involving our fo
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  • ...g kanilang paghahanda para sa pagdalo sa pagkilos sa ikalawang SONA (State of the Nation Address) ng pangulong Noynoy Aquino. Ang SARA ay organisasyon ng ...n. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.
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  • [ View Thesis] ...y:CMC Thesis]][[Category:Department of Film and Audio Visual Communication Thesis]][[Category:Theses]]
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  • ...ucting national identity and mobilizing the nation towards the achievement of certain economic and political objectives in contemporary times. ...culated in these films that generally suggest the forgetting and forgiving of Japanese atrocities.
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  • ...ublished Undergraduate Dissertation, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication ...ppines, he finds himself wanting to know how he was before. In the process of selling his house, the only thing he can relate himself with is a song—th
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  • ...ression of reality and it makes them turn into players with the capability of intervention in the reality. ...pace comes from the visual images that the apparatus creates, the behavior of players would certainly be affected by it.
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  • ...a society can control the actions of an individual. The film uses the idea of norms and uniformity as an inevitable trap set by the environment that one ...Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication.
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  • ...he effects that their profession has had on their personal lives. The goal of the documentary is to bring about the contrasting ideas about working overs A portion of the documentary was shot onboard the DHL Pacific that sailed from China to
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  • a patient in the mental institution all along, living under the persona of a nurse. ...rtain role and accompanying name to it. The death of the nurse is symbolic of how one never actually escapes stereotypes.
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  • ...uilt and how it all leads to a choice. In the end, he begins to show signs of acceptance as he momentarily sets antagonism aside and talks to the only pe ...echanisms, and Goffman’s Frame Analysis while exemplifying the existence of perspective, degree and choice in acceptance and letting go.
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  • ...enomenon of diaspora. The Filipino family culture is also depicted in the film. Family is always at the core and ultimately, each member just wants the be ...k judgment on foreigners/balikbayans, and also the unfortunate connotation of the term “Japayuki”.
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  • ...nd, helped contextualize the relationship of visual evidences shown in the film. ...Banaba, Unpublished Student Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication
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  • The film tells the story of a cockroach who becomes tired of being mistreated and killed by humans and decides to fight back. He persuad ...ange the system. But despite the awareness that they have, the larger part of the society makes change hard for them to realize. Likewise, marginalized
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  • ...representations of the “Good Life” in Kasambuhay Habambuhay: A Short Film Anthology. ...100 Years of Nestlé’s establishment in the Philippines as a subsidiary of the transnational company, Nestlé S.A . With its slogan, “Good Food, Goo
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  • ..., Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication. This thesis explores the concepts of women’s motherhood, mothering and mother-daughter relationships through t
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  • she has a half-brother and meets him for the first time on the last day of her father’s wake. ...d forgiveness on the last day of the wake, she experiences a rollercoaster of emotions before finally laying her father to rest.
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