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  • ...oltage in Bi<sub>2</sub>Sr<sub>2</sub>CaCu<sub>2</sub>O<sub>8+d</sub> Thin Film. A.P.C. dela Cruz, C.R. de la Cruz and R.V. Sarmago, Science Diliman V.14,
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  • The film is a glimpse of the history of an old religion called the Equifrilibricum W ...the first settlers in the island, which is situated in the Davao Gulf. The film develops into a personal act of understanding the filmmaker’s Moncadista
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  • Aquino, L.D. (2010). Maglilili. Unpublished Bachelor of Arts in Film Thesis, ...Gerardo escapes from reality and joins the Maglilili in a dream world. The film will give life to the folkloric character of the Kapampangans who lures peo
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  • ...ut are flexible- that if all is role play; any role, any one can play. The film operates guided by the Family Sytems Theory by Bowen, the Social Learning T [[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category:FILM INSTITUTE]][[Category:GENDER ROLES]][[Category:COMMERCIAL]]
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  • ...s memories. Memories can be reincarnated again in various ways. In this film, memories are given a second life in the form of still pictures. The story ...r liberation has been achieved is to simulate that liberation.” In this film, the almost endless production of memories has brought liberation to the pe
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  • The film Ikatatlampung Kaarawan ni Susan is about the struggle of a woman [[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category:Thesis -- UP Film Institute Undergraduate Thesis]][[Category:Theses]]
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  • ...eady a union that prevails in the country today. With this study, both the film producers and the brand owners would realize the kind of product placements
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  • [[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category:Department of Film and Audio Visual Communication Thesis]][[Category:Theses]]
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  • through a short film framed by the Narrative Theory of film, Cognitive Identification and Empathy in film, Realism, and the functions of the cinematic look or gaze.
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  • ...09.14-17). ''Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology (Y4iT)'', Film Institue, UP Diliman.
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  • The film is about the repercussions of man’s thoughts and actions in accordance to to share new meanings not just those that were readily presented in the film as it exemplified concepts of Linda Hutcheon’s theory on Metafiction (Hut
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  • ...tate’s labor export policies in relation to the bureaucratization of the film industry and a listing of OFW films to map out their respective emergence. ...relating to overseas work, as a result of the State policies affecting the film industry.
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  • ...however, when he unwittingly becomes a part of a gang of kidnappers. This film will explore the story of the goon. ...o they are apart from what they do and what they look like. With this, the film will focus on the physical stereotyping found in Pinoy Action films. It is
    2 KB (268 words) - 03:13, 3 February 2012
  • ...gressed boldly without conjectures, looking primarily into the fans of the film One More Chance as the main text, rather than the movie itself or the meani KEYWORDS: fandom, film reception, cultural studies, circuit of culture
    2 KB (283 words) - 21:54, 15 June 2022
  • ...ormists are propelled to seek escape from what reality offers them. In the film, dreams serve as a venue for escapism, allowing the dreamer, Vincent, to be [[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category:Department of Film and Audio Visual Communication Thesis]][[Category:Theses]]
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  • Our film, entitled Apuhap, is mainly about communication between fathers and daughte [[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category:Theses]][[Category:Department of Film and Audio Visual Communication Thesis]][[Category:2011 Thesis]]
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  • ...ry, explores love beyond romantic love and the love triangle formulas. The film uses a legal framework (Family Code of the Philippines or Executive Order 2 [[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category:UP Film Institute Thesis]][[Category:Theses]]
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  • Katipunan is a short film that explores the undercurrents of history, memory, social responsibility, The film also draws parallelisms between Filipino Youths and Contemporary Philippine
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  • ...ined with organ theft in the periphery of the National Capital Region. The film also seeks to explore recovery and revenge in terms of the narrative wherei ...y presenting these stories in a manner that would be attractive to today's film audience.
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  • Keywords: Film, Musical, Drama, Production Thesis [[Category:CMC Thesis]][[Category:Film Institute]][[Category:Department of Film and Audio Visual Communication Thesis]][[Category:Thesis--Production Thesis
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