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a cost-effective, robust, integrated multi-trigger security and alert system using off-the-shelf or recycled hardware and sensors and open-source software technologies for messaging, video streaming and recording, machine vision, video analytics, thermal and power monitoring and control. It provides multi-channel feedback (Twitter, Email, SMS, etc).

Trigger Events

  • heat (aircon not working, fire)
  • smoke (smoke detector linked to online alarm system)
  • motion (person entering/leaving building or room)
  • sound (fans, batteries failing, alarm of non-networked motion or thermal sensors)
  • power outage

alpha version of the "big plan" for smoke and heat sensors


  • SMS
  • email
  • video recording
  • log recording
  • alarm (sound, light)
  • Tweet
  • phone dialling


IP camera, POE (Power Over Ethernet), direct-to-NAS recording (AFP, SAMBA, or NFS), inputs for PIR sensors, Infra Red light for night vision, mechanical IR-Cut Filter Switch (basic surveillance functions incorporated into the camera; camera sends stream when preset event occurs; system send SMS/email), NAS (www.nas4free.org - ZSF file system 4 TB RAID Z2)

Smoke and Temp Module


This module monitors room temperature independent of on-board temperature sensors (also monitored) in our servers. It is especially useful in keeping optimal temperature for DILC's data center. Cooling the room too much is a waste of energy. Temperature readings are occasionally verified using 3rd-party thermal instruments.


Gizduino X (see manual)


Arduino micro for aircon control
temp: LM 35. See this

temperature monitoring screen


ethernet. See also Arduino Ethernet Shield

Web-Available Aircon Control

More info

Motion Detection and Video Monitoring Module

Logbank cams.png

  • combination of mid-, low-end; recycled, old, new cams
  • redundant off-site recordings (continuous and motion-activated events) and picture snapshots
old camera parts
Interns doing camera configuration

  • motion sensors compensate for "blind spots"
sample night vision shot

Proximity Sensor via Ultrasonic Sonar Module

More Info

Power Monitoring Module

  • uses embedded sensors to monitor temperature and power outage and recovery
power summary
UPS temp reading for a day

  • redundant power-failure alert system
UPS Notice from Site 1 (Mezza North)
UPS Notice from Site 2

NAS Module

Messaging Module

part of a GSM Dongles dashboard @DILC

Webapps and Dashboard Module

Framework Choices: Twisted, Nodejs or alternatives
  • to incorporate streams of data from sensors embedded in equipment


Temperature Sensor Dashboard

  • Karen Calado
  • Harell Juanico

Temp/Smoke Sensor

  • Elijah L. Lingbanan (Arduino micro version)

Gizduino version

  • Rowel Cababat
  • Joven Baluyot
  • Carlito Graza
  • Erickson Sombillo

Video Monitoring

  • Bonifacio Badilla
  • Zandro Paul Abadiac

AC Remote Sensor

  • Elijah Lingbanan
  • Emannuel Abalain

Proximity Sensor

  • Chris Manuel Garcia


Power Monitoring




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