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===[[Web-Available Aircon Control]]===
===[[Web-Available Aircon Control]]===
* components
** Arduino micro
** CD-R King Universal Remote Control
[[Web-Available_Aircon_Control|More info]]
[[Web-Available_Aircon_Control|More info]]

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a cost-effective, robust, integrated multi-trigger security and alert system using off-the-shelf or recycled hardware and sensors and open-source software technologies for messaging, video streaming and recording, machine vision, video analytics, thermal and power monitoring and control. It provides multi-channel feedback (Twitter, Email, SMS, etc).

Trigger Events

  • heat (aircon not working, fire)
  • smoke (smoke detector linked to online alarm system)
  • motion (person entering/leaving building or room)
  • sound (fans, batteries failing, alarm of non-networked motion or thermal sensors)
  • power outage

alpha version of the "big plan" for smoke and heat sensors


  • SMS
  • email
  • video recording
  • log recording
  • alarm (sound, light)
  • Tweet
  • phone dialling


IP camera, POE (Power Over Ethernet), direct-to-NAS recording (AFP, SAMBA, or NFS), inputs for PIR sensors, Infra Red light for night vision, mechanical IR-Cut Filter Switch (basic surveillance functions incorporated into the camera; camera sends stream when preset event occurs; system send SMS/email), NAS (www.nas4free.org - ZSF file system 4 TB RAID Z2)

Smoke and Temp Module


This module monitors room temperature independent of on-board temperature sensors (also monitored) in our servers. It is especially useful in keeping optimal temperature for DILC's data center. Cooling the room too much is a waste of energy. Temperature readings are occasionally verified using 3rd-party thermal instruments.


Gizduino X (see manual)


Arduino micro for aircon control
temp: LM 35. See this

temperature monitoring screen


ethernet. See also Arduino Ethernet Shield

Web-Available Aircon Control

More info

Motion Detection and Video Monitoring Module

Logbank cams.png

  • combination of mid-, low-end; recycled, old, new cams
  • redundant off-site recordings (continuous and motion-activated events) and picture snapshots
old camera parts
Interns doing camera configuration

  • motion sensors compensate for "blind spots"
sample night vision shot

Proximity Sensor via Ultrasonic Sonar Module

This is an Arduino micro-based Proximity Sensor through the integration of Ultrasonic Sonar module. With this, one can easily monitor if there's someone near or around a specific area, say, room, door, gate.


  • To make an Arduino based Proximity sensor via Ultrasonic Sonar module
  • To simulate effectiveness by varying distances


  • Arduino micro
  • Ultrasonic Sonar Module (US-100)
  • Jumper wires
  • 8 (Light Emitting Diodes) LEDs
  • 8 220K ohms Resistors
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Buzzer
  • Computer (for Arduino code)


1. Prepare all the materials.

2. Put the corresponding components onto the breadboard. Make sure that the pins of the components are properly put to ensure the efficiency of the circuit.

3. There are 5 pins of the US-100. From the back facing yourself, the 2 pins form the left are GROUND. The third pin from the left is the ECHO, followed by the TRIGGER and lastly, the rightmost one, the VCC or the power.

US100 BACK.jpg US 100 FRONT.jpg

4. Connect the TRIGGER pin to Pin 6 of the Arduino micro. Connect the ECHO pin to Pin 7 of the Arduino micro.

5. Make a connection between the 2 GROUND pins and connect it to GROUND of the Arduino micro. Also connect the VCC or power to the 5V pin of the Arduino micro.

6. For the indication purposes, you will connect 3 LEDs and a small buzzer. The GROUND pins of the LEDs and buzzer will be connected to the GROUND pin of the US-100. The ANODE pins of LED1 to pin 8, LED2 to pin 9 and LED3 to pin 10.




Power Monitoring Module

  • uses embedded sensors to monitor temperature and power outage and recovery
power summary
UPS temp reading for a day

  • redundant power-failure alert system
UPS Notice from Site 1 (Mezza North)
UPS Notice from Site 2

NAS Module

Messaging Module

part of a GSM Dongles dashboard @DILC

Webapps and Dashboard Module

Framework Choices: Twisted, Nodejs or alternatives
  • to incorporate streams of data from sensors embedded in equipment


Temperature Sensor Dashboard

  • Karen Calado
  • Harell Juanico

Temp/Smoke Sensor

  • Rowel Cababat
  • Joven Baluyot
  • Carlito Graza
  • Erickson Sombillo

Video Monitoring

  • Bonifacio Badilla
  • Zandro Paul Abadiac

AC Remote Sensor

  • Elijah Lingbanan
  • Emannuel Abalain

Proximity Sensor

  • Chris Manuel Garcia


Power Monitoring




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