Scripted: A Study on the Sexual Health Views of Young Filipino Women

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Loristo, J.L. and Taguiam, E.R. (2017). Scripted: A Study on the Sexual Health Views of Young Filipino Women, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This study looked into how young Filipino women form their sexual health scripts. Specifically, it aimed to explore the existing sexual health scripts of young Filipino women and attribute these to different information sources mainly classified under: (a) cultural scenarios, (b) interpersonal experiences, (c) personal experiences, and (d) intrapsychic processing, and how these levels of scripting influence their formation of views. Sexual health among young adults is a growing global concern. Recent reports on sexual health related issues, such as increases in the rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection among young adults, highlights the importance of this issue. The researchers employed Simon and Gagnon’s (1973) Sexual Script Theory and conducted twenty-two in-depth interviews among young Filipino women aged 18 to 24. Findings of the study show that young Filipino women’s sexual health scripts can be classified under two themes which ultimately help them in forming their sexual health scripts: (1) scripts that facilitate their sexual health and (2) scripts that restrict their sexual health. It was seen that in forming their final views on sexual health, the young Filipino women weigh in the information they have gathered and negotiate within themselves which scripts they will follow.

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