Sa Pag-Alala ng Nawawala't Nariyan

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Sa Pag-Alala ng Nawawala't Nariyan Sa Pag-Alala ng Nawawala’t Nariyan is a documentary film that tackles the discourse of the current state of the film preservation in the Philippines as it narrates the filmmaker’s search for a copy of the first Darna movie ever made. The institutions responsible for preservation and safekeeping of films present their collections and disclose the issues they struggle with. Later on, the bigger picture unfolds – how film preservation as a practice impacts the society and the nation as a whole. The film aims to show that through the safekeeping of the heritage through archiving, the legacy of Filipino films and its identity as a nation are kept alive. Framed with Jacques Derrida’s Archival Theory and Louis Althusser’s Ideological State Apparatus, the archival facilities as presented are not mere storage for films, but rather, they serve as institutions that can hold power over the nation as they keep the history, and shape the identity of Filipinos. The heritage preserved in those facilities can tell the narratives of the past, and influence the beliefs of today and the future generation View Thesis