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SINAG is the official student publication of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy of the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

The official logo of SINAG
Founded 19 December 1968
Enzo De Borja
Associate Editor Maki Mercolita
Managing Editor Angelo Vince Marfil
Business Manager Melissa Louise Prieto
Web Administrator John Vincent Torres
Editors Arabela Ruee Lorico
Kristjan Carlo De Leon
Gabrielle Catindig
Angela Castillo
Kate Gotis
Jewel Politico
Membership Coordinator Bridgette Irish Bacal
Spotlight Director Jude Candelaria
Adviser Farah C. Cunanan, MA
Office 3/F Mezzanine, Palma Hall,
University of the Philippines,
1101 Diliman, Quezon City


SINAG was established in 1968 when Philippine democracy was facing its biggest challenge since independence. The students from the College of Arts and Sciences recognized the need for an official student publication that will foster critical perspectives and a thirst for change.

The publication's name is a portmanteau of sining and agham, Filipino words for arts and sciences respectively. Meanwhile, the portmanteau itself means ray of light in Filipino. Choosing SINAG envisions the paper as a source of light to counteract the darkness of oppression and violence. While the bloody Marcos dictatorship has long fallen, the Philippines is yet to leave behind social injustice, corruption, poverty, and other social ills.

SINAG Reignited

In its 53rd year, SINAG is once again facing tumultuous times. Amid a raging pandemic and a deepening economic recession, the publication's online presence has been severely hampered by organized and sustained attacks from paid online trolls. SINAG's original Facebook page, which already had 12,000+ likes, began to suffer from low reach and impact as the unjustified reports took their toll.

To fulfill its mission of upholding the truth and defending press freedom, SINAG deemed it apt to begin anew on the platform. Unencumbered by past obstacles and with renewed zeal to serve the people, SINAG aims to fight back and deliver a radical, assertive, and mass-oriented brand of journalism.


Amid the state’s incessant efforts in propagating fake news and black propaganda, SINAG launched its newest program, “Spotlight."

Spotlight will feature breaking and up-to-date news stories within and beyond the university, underscoring the country's current political and economic situation. It will focus on matters you need to care about with a fearless delivery of important discourses on social issues.

Main Sections

• News
• Features
• Literary
• Opinion
• Graphics
• Layout
• Sports

Notable Alumni

• Renee Louise Co, UP Student Regent (2021-Present)

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