Radio Iskool

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2021 Radio Iskool

TIMESLOT: Monday - Friday, 12-3 PM

Featured in this block are the programs of partner institutions that bring on air the advocacies, knowledge, and issues discussed in the UP community in an engaging, easy-to-understand manner.
Each program in this block may have their own concept, format, and target audience but what is characteristic of all of them is the classroom on air approach that aims to make UP education accessible to the public. Since we opened these slots to all existing partner producers, we now look at Radio Iskool as not limited to content that is strictly academic in nature, but also including those that offer content previously tagged as advocacy and service. The host-experts of each program may present their content not only in the form of ‘lectures,’ panel discussions, or interviews, but also in more creative ways. Students may also be involved in the programs in many ways not limited to remote listening. There really is no limit to the potential of this block as it is flexible and can accommodate any academic, research, and extension unit within UP that can offer matinong usapan para sa maunlad na bayan.
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