Questions and Concerns About the eUP Project

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This community page is created and occasionally revised on "best effort basis" to help advance the University's interest and the goal of operational excellence via the eUP Project. UP constituents with UP Webmail accounts can directly modify this page. Special access can be requested (via Helpdesk) by UP constituents who don't have UP Webmail accounts. UP constituents may also post their concerns via social media (see instruction below).

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What is eUP?


  • Was it consultation or information drive?
  • Who were those consulted?
  • How did UP come up with the Terms of Reference? What was the process like? Any documentation?


  • Project design and planning
    • Why Peoplesoft?
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation



  • Continuity of project. From which unit will the MOOE come from after the project has concluded/closed?

eUP Team's Response

Technical Details

Headings: Network, Data Migration, Authentication, Customization, Maintenance


  • Latency. eUP servers will be hosted by PLDT's Vitro Data Center. UP networks are on PREGINET. They are wide apart in terms of the routes they'd take to reach each other. The same holds with connections between PLDT and other providers. See traceroutes below. This is an issue when it comes to UP's access to its own data. User authentication is also potentially problematic due to delays.
traceroute from PREGINET to PLDT's Vitro Data Ctr. Notice the spikes on hops 6 and 7.
traceroute from Bayantel to PLDT's Vitro Data Ctr. In this case, traffic 1st goes to Hong Kong then back to Phils

eUP Team's Response

Use of Non-UP Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Data Migration

eUP Team's Response:


  • Authentication Authorities. Authenticating centrally or by CU?

eUP Team's Response:



Social Media

Other discussions may be posted via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Twitter: please post with hashtag #eUPWatch



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