Prohibition of Brand Names in Purchase Requests

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18 January 2008

Ref. No. MDGT-2008-02

To : Administrative Officers and Supply and Property Officers

Subject : Prohibition of Brand Names in Purchase Requests

In compliance with the prohibition imposed by R.A. 9184 on the specification or use of brand names in all government procurements, all units are hereby directed to indicate only the generic names and descriptions of the items being requested on the Purchase Requests (PR's) that are filed for processing.

The names and description of the items in the PR must be flexible, not product-specific or seemingly tailored for a particular brand unless the procurement involves a product or service that has intellectual property right attached to it. or is exclusively offered by a single source, and there are no suitable substitute products or services. In this case, the requisitioner/ end-user must submit a written justification on the need for such a product or service.

For your information and immediate strict compliance.

Mary Delia G. Tomacruz
Vice Chancellor for Administration