Professional Engineering Training Division

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UP NEC empowers engineers and non-technical people from various industries, government agencies and local government units through short courses, competency training programs, tailored in-house seminars, enhancement and updating programs. In line with its mandate, UP NEC believes that it must take an important role in national capacity building especially in areas that directly impact Filipino lives.

The PETD, under the supervision of the UP NEC Management Team and with the expertise extended by the faculty members of the College of Engineering and industry practitioners, works hard to offer relevant training programs and increase its offering to respond to the needs of a greater number of practicing engineers and those in the allied professions. With 42 seminars in 2005, it has increased its offering to 62 in 2006 and has offered 73 seminars in 2007. The total number of participants in 2005 was 1,043, 1,328 in 2006 and 1,592 in 2007.

Some of its programs are offered in collaboration with other government agencies namely, the National Electrification Administration for the UPNEC-NEA Competency Certification Training Program on Electric Power Distribution Engineering and the Commission on Higher Education for the CHED-UP Post-Baccalaureate Information Technology Bridging Program in Support of the Cyber Corridor. Other training programs are in the field of Geodetic Engineering, Construction Management and Engineering, Information Technology, Energy, Environment, Manufacturing (Operations Research, Quality Management, Process Control, Instrumentation, Operations and Maintenance), Facilities Management, Water Resources, Chemical Engineering, Project Management, and Materials Engineering.

With these programs, UP NEC envisions a nation with engineers delivering quality services and products, working together in building a stronger and progressive nation.