Professional Certificate in Facilities Management

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The program consists of 10 modules grouped into 3 lecture series. Completion of the 10 modules leads to a Certificate in Facilities Management.

The program is designed for practicing facilities managers, property and building administrators, engineers, architects, project managers, project coordinators and project supervisors with the following objectives in mind:

  - To create awareness on and provide practical approaches to best-known
  practices in facilities management in a building environment
  - To address fundamental principles but only to the point necessary for
  the understanding of facilities management from a holistic life cycle
  - To provide the essential knowledge and skills required to carry out
  efficient and effective facility management
  - To develop and implement energy management and indoor air quality
  - To be able to use facility management tools for operation and
  maintenance planning and management

Facilities include hospitals; universities and schools; government buildings and offices; residential and condominiums; industrial plants and factories; and, commercial buildings and complexes.