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View Thesis:[http://iskwiki.upd.edu.ph/flipbooks/padayon.zi3043/ Padayon]
View Thesis:[http://iskwiki.upd.edu.ph/flipbooks/padayon.zi3043/ Padayon]
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Molina, K. S. (2011). Padayon, Unpublished Student Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Padayon is about two friends facing different contradictions in the same societal context. Maris, whose father had died in the mountains, dropped out from school and has decided to join the New People’s Army. Her mother, being antagonistic about her decision, forces her to stay through psychological and emotional means. Pia, a student from a public state university, learns that her friend Maris was ambushed and is detained in prison. Her communication with Maris through letters pushes her internal conflict to choose between her personal interests or her need to serve the interest of others just like her friend, Maris, did.

Contradictions between two ideas or objects are necessary to cause motion, change, and development in the world. Mao Zedong states, “Every reason contradicts. True ideas emerge in the struggle against false ideas." Contradiction is necessary for change to happen. Padayon shows that it is in resolving these natural contradictions will one be able to break free from the conflict. And in resolving a contradiction, one will then face a bigger contradiction. The whole process of resolving these contradictions contributes to the bigger picture. Padayon suggests that the struggle does not end in the resolution on a personal level but that the struggle continues to the resolution of a bigger struggle – that which affects a societal change.

Keywords: Contradiction, People's Struggle, Dialectical Materialism

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