Onofre D. Corpuz

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University of the Philippines
1911-1915 Murray S. Bartlett
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1987-1993 Jose V. Abueva
1993-1999 Emil Q. Javier
1999-2005 Francisco Nemenzo, Jr.
2005-2011 Emerlinda R. Roman
2011-present Alfredo E. Pascual

Onofre D. Corpuz (born December 1, 1926) is a Filipino scientist noted for his contributions to the fields of political science and Philippine social and economic history.


  • A.B., University of the Philippines, 1950
  • M.A., University of Illinois, 1953
  • M.P.A., Harvard University, 1955
  • Ph. D. (Pol Econ and Gov't), Harvard University, 1956
  • Ph. D. honoris causa. Royal Chulalongkorn University, 1976

Career and Contributions

Onofre D. Corpuz's researches were distinguished by their fidelity to the facts and a disdain for unsubstantiated claims, characteristics which brandish the reliability of his work. Corpuz was also famous for possessing the courage to challenge existing orthodoxies and familiar interpretations.

He was elected as Academician in 1999, and later conferred as National Scientist in 2004.


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