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Administrative Section
Administrative Section
<br>Admission & Registration Section
<br>Admission & Registration Section
<br>Transcript Section
<br>Records Section
<br>Computerized Registration and Student Records System
<br>Computerized Registration and Student Records System
<br>Publications and UC Secretariat Section
<br>Publications and UC Secretariat Section
<br>Records Management & Appraisal Section
<br>Transcript Section

==Central Administrative Section==
==Central Administrative Section==

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Admission & Registration Section

Ms. Amy S. Jorda
Section Chief

Cyn Madrigalejo
Debbie Sayaman

Jenn Mallare
Nancy Gayagoy
Didith Dela Cruz
Maribel Sapatua

Assessment & Billing:
Rowena Esclanda
Mayla Panti
Ruth Deloria
Frances Cruz
Jayson Pascual
Brenda Dela Torre
Josie Carreon
Jude Ann

Tess De Guzman
Armilette Bonifacio
Andy Buenaflor Carlo

Henry Monsale


University Registrar: Evangeline Amor

Assistant University Registrar: Prof. Rosella Torrecampo



Administrative Section
Admission & Registration Section
Computerized Registration and Student Records System
Publications and UC Secretariat Section
Records Management & Appraisal Section
Transcript Section

Central Administrative Section


Officer-in-charge: Ms. Evelyn B. Cruz

  • Attends to general inquiries, referrals and communication from other offices
  • Processes papers for admin personnel
  • Prepares vouchers and monitors expenses
  • Takes charge of requisition and inventory of supplies and equipment
  • Takes care of messengerial, reproduction of materials, and transport services
  • Maintains 201 files of personnel

Ms. Nori Delos Reyes
Mr. Alexander Dimapilis
Mr. Raul Quezado
Mr. Dimas Rubite
Mr. Romeo Aviera
Mr. Godoberto Lagonoy
Mr. Danilo Cedro

Admission and Registration Section


Chief : Ms. Amelita "Amy" S. Jorda


  • Admission Appraisal
    • Disseminates information re: admission
    • Evaluates academic credentials for admission
    • Processes application for admission
    • Issues admission slips and certifications of eligibility for admission
    • Attends to correspondence and inquiries pertinent to foregoing functions
  • Registration and Billing
    • Coordinates with the CRS regarding enrollment procedures
    • Coordinates activities, trainings and supervision of personnel in the assessment and payment areas
    • Processes photo ID cards for students, faculty and employees
    • Reviews college assessment of fees
    • Prepares bills of collection for sponsoring agencies of scholars / grantees
    • Processes claims for refunds and matriculation fees
    • Processes changes of matriculation, dropping slips, removal permits, leave of absence (LOA), etc.

Transcript of Records Section


Chief : Ms. Florencia "Flor" T. Kho

FUNCTIONS - Processes and prepares transcript of records and certificates of graduation - Maintains file of Official Transcript of Records (OTR) - Attends to correspondence and inquiries pertinent to the foregoing functions

Records Management and Appraisal Section


Chief : Ms. Lucilyn "Dylene" E. Gardaya


  • Evaluates records of students for readmission, extension of residence, verification and graduation
  • Records, files and manages records of students
  • Prepares certificates of enrollment, completion of requirements, graduation, units earned, etc.
  • Prepares diplomas

Computerized Registration and Student Records System

Officer in Charge : Mr. Jacob S. Obinguar

FUNCTIONS - Maintains computer-based Student Records System (SRS) - Prepares all statistical data as requested by colleges or government units (i.e. CHED) with the consent of the University Registrar - Attends to data control and data preparation activities including creation, editing and updatin - Takes charge of the distribution of classlists and Form 5A's (online registration result) - Prepares parent's copy of student grades - Takes charge of Online Encoding for Form 5 - Prepares enrollment reports - Takes charge of encoding data on Change of Matriculation - Takes charge of encoding data on Students who dropped and filed for leave of absence (LOA) - Takes charge of encoding and updating of grades (Completion, Removal and Change of Grades)



Chief : Ms. Eiza Landrito Nasis

FUNCTIONS - Prepares materials for the UP Diliman Catalogue and other brochures - Prepares the commencement program - Maintains a mastercard file for all courses and curricula offered by the University - Prepares agenda, minutes and working papers of the University Council and the various UC Committees - Attends to stenographic and transcription services - Attends to correspondence and inquiries pertinent to the above functions


Workshop Planning

Date: March 2012

Iskwiki Seminar

Date: January 18, 2012


The OUR Building T.M. Kalaw St. University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City

Registrar : 9276084/ 9818500 local 4551
Secretary: 9276084/ 9818500 local 4551
Administrative Office: 9276084/ 9818500 local 4552/ 4553
Admission & Registration Section: 981-8500 local 4556/ 4555
CRSRS Section: local 4560
Publication : local 4554 / 4556
Records Management & Appraisal Section: local 4559 & 4563
Transcript: 9273422/ 9818500 local 4561/ 4563


UP O.U.R. Webpage CRS

Location Map

Location Map