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Date:  December 16, 2011
Date:  December 16, 2011
Image:Valuesworkplace1.JPG|Values at the Work Place Seminar
Image:Valuesworkplace2.JPG|Mr. Walter Caancan - Resource Speaker
Image:Valuesworkplace3.JPG|Mr. Dindo Gallarde of Records Mgt and Appraisal Section
Image:Valuesworkplace4.JPG|Demonstration by Ms. Nancy Gayagoy of Admissions and Registration Section
Image:Valuesworkplace5.jpg|Group activities
Image:Valuesworkplace6.jpg|Ms. Eiza Nazis of Publications and UC Secretariat Section
Image:Valuesworkplace7.JPG|Ms. Lucilyn Gardaya of Records Mgt and Appraisal Section
Image:Valuesworkplace8.JPG|Mr. Dimas Rubite of Admin Section
Image:Valuesworkplace9.jpg|Echo seminar speakers
Image:Valuesworkplace10.jpg|Echo seminar speakers
Image:Valuesworkplace11.jpg|Echo seminar speakers
Image:Valuesworkplace12.jpg|Dr. Evangeline Amor - University Registrar
Image:Valuesworkplace13.jpg|Distribution of Certificates (from Left: Prof. Rosella Torrecampo - Asst. UR,Ms. Eiza Nazis - PUCSS,Dr. Evangeline Amor - UR)
Image:Valuesworkplace19.jpg|Echo seminar speakers
Image:Valuesworkplace20.jpg|Echo seminar speakers
'''Workshop Planning'''
'''Workshop Planning'''

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University Registrar: Evangeline Amor

Assistant University Registrar: Prof. Rosella Torrecampo



Administrative Section
Admission & Registration Section
Computerized Registration and Student Records System
Publications and UC Secretariat Section
Records Management & Appraisal Section
Transcript Section


Seminar on Values at the Workplace

Date: December 16, 2011

Workshop Planning

Date: March 2012

Iskwiki Seminar

Date: January 18, 2012


The OUR Building T.M. Kalaw St. University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City

Registrar : 9276084/ 9818500 local 4551
Secretary: 9276084/ 9818500 local 4551
Administrative Office: 9276084/ 9818500 local 4552/ 4553
Admission & Registration Section: 981-8500 local 4556/ 4555
CRSRS Section: local 4560
Publication : local 4554 / 4556
Records Management & Appraisal Section: local 4559 & 4563
Transcript: 9273422/ 9818500 local 4561/ 4563


UP O.U.R. Webpage CRS

Location Map

Location Map