Office of Student Activities

The OSA recognizes and coordinates with more than 250 university-based student organizations through its General Program for Students. Student Organizations are categorized as:

  • academic;
  • alliance;
  • cause-oriented;
  • community service:
  • dormitory association;
  • fraternity;
  • regional/provincial;
  • religious;
  • special interest
  • sorority
  • sports and recreation.

The OSA attends to the needs and concerns of international students enrolled in UP Diliman through its International Students Program (ISP), specifically concerning admission, visas, study permits, and housing. OSA also keeps track of their academic progress. It also provides administrative support to the Philippine Collegian Editorial Examinations and the University Student Council Elections.

Its office is located at Vinzon's Hall Annex Diliman, Quezon City


981-8500 local 4507/4508