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Like in many advanced research institutions, huge files can be distributed via torrent downloads. Obletorr-Ikot is such a file distribution system for internal use in the UP Dilnet. Publicly available torrents are at Obletorr.

Anonymous Internal Open Trackers

Obletorr-Ikot uses these anonymous internal open trackers:


Check these addresses once in a while. We may change them, as utilization of Obletorr-Ikot increases.


How to distribute large files via Obletorr-Ikot

  • Step 1: Using your favorite bittorrent client, create a .torrent file by
    • selecting a file that you want to share and
    • adding the ff torrent trackers:[1]

Please write the appropriate description of the file you are sharing.

(If you have no bittorrent client yet, download Transmission or µTorrent.)

  • Step 2: Open the resulting .torrent file, using your torrent client.
  • Step 3: Distribute the resulting .torrent file by doing any or all of the following:
    • sending the resulting .torrent file to people you want to share the source file with (say, your students)
    • uploading the .torrent file to your UVLe course site and sharing them with your students
  • Step 4: Keep seeding your file until there are enough seeders.

NOTE: files shared via Obletorr-Ikot are only downloadable (or uploadable) within UP Dilnet.


  • If your machine is unable to seed files on a long-term basis, you may request UP DILC to seed these files for you, especially if these files are used in your courses.
  • For better sharing experience, encourage the people you share your files with to maintain a ratio of at least 1 for each file they got via Obletorr-Ikot.
  • To share several files and directories all at once, compress or zip the files and directories into one file or put them in one directory and make a .torrent out of it.

How to download files via Obletorr-Ikot

  • Step 1: Go online via the UP Dilnet.
  • Step 2: Using a torrent client,[2] open the .torrent file you must have received from a file distributor or a fellow downloader.

Keep seeding, once done or whenever you have the o

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  1. both servers also accept udp connections. So if your torrent client can handle udp connections, you may also use
    • udp://
    • udp://
  2. recommended client torrent applications: Transmission, uTorrent