Negotiated Coverage: Deconstructing TV Patrol’s Coverage of NutriAsia’s 2018 Labor Issues


Gonzalez, A.T. (2019). Negotiated Coverage: Deconstructing TV Patrol’s Coverage of NutriAsia’s 2018 Labor Issues. [Unpublished undergraduate thesis]. College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City.

This research will discuss the extent of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol’s bias in covering the NutriAsia labor issue, the practices that allow NutriAsia to act as a gatekeeper of the media, and the efforts to resist the influence of NutriAsia on the part of TV Patrol that results in a compromise—or negotiated coverage. Using a mixed method analysis of the six news packages covering the labor dispute which considered visibility bias, tonality bias, and framing of three main actors of the incident, the results showed that the coverage treated NutriAsia Inc. more favorably by isolating the dispersals as a struggle between the protesters and the police and security guards. Furthermore, through extensive interviews with two employees of the ABS-CBN News Department, NutriAsia was able to indirectly exercise influence, which is confirmed by the existence of a special review process that the coverage went through—which gave allowed the business and development group of ABS-CBN’s news department and the head of news to review the coverage. It can be deduced that the biased reporting of ABS-CBN is a result of concessions made in order to protect the lucrative financial interests which compounded the effects of the constrained reporting hypothesis, which says the media’s ability to produce critical reports is limited due to a supply-side problem of sourcing (Gurun & Butler, 2012).

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