Maricor Soriano

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ISI Publications and Book Chapters

J. Balista, M. Soriano, C. Saloma, Compact time-independent pattern representation of entire human gait cycle for tracking of gait irregularities, Pattern Recognition Letters Vol. 31, No 1, 20-27, 1 January 2010.
J. Balista, M. Soriano, C. Saloma, Compact time-independent pattern representation of entire human gait cycle for tracking of gait irregularities , Pattern Recognition Letters (in press) DOI: doi:10.1016/j.patrec.2009.09.001, available online 8 September 2009.
S. Marcos, L. David, E. Peñaflor, V. Ticzon, M. Soriano, Automatic benthic counting of living and nonliving components in Ngedarrak Reef, Palau via subsurface underwater video, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Vol 145 No.1-3, 177-184 Oct 2008.
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M. Soriano, C. Saloma, Cell Classification by a Learning Principal Components Analyzer and Backpropagation Neural Network, Bioimaging vol.3, pp. 168-175, 1995.
International Conference Papers
L. Cruz, J. Salvador, A. Paz, J. Dado, M. Soriano,'Establishing deterrents to help reduce forgery practices and secure the authenticity of Philippine Paintings', 15 the Triennial Conference of the Intl Council of Museums-Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC) New Delhi India September 22-26 (2008).
A.M.C. Lee, C.T. Angeles, M.C. R. Talampas, L.G. Sison, M.N. Soriano, MotesArt: Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoring Relative Humidity and Temperature in an Art Gallery , IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, 2008. ICNSC 2008. pp 1263-1268, Sanya, China April 6-8 (2008).
M. Soriano, 'Good Practices in Science Higher Education – A Tale of Two Institutes in the University of the Philippines', Intl Forum on Reform and Innovation in Science and Engineering Education in the Asia-Pacific Region, Seoul, South Korea, September 12-14 (2005).
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B. Martinkauppi, M. Soriano, "Basis functions of the color signals of skin under different illuminants.", MCS01, June 18 (2001).
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Awards and Recognitions

Third World Academy of Science Prize for Young Scientist in the Philippines (2009)
● Outstanding Young Scientist, National Academy of Science and Technology (2006)
● Most Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate of the College of Science, U.P. Diliman (April 1998)
● Third Prize - Philippine Talent Search for Young Scientists National Academy of Science and Technology, Westin Philippine Plaza Hotel (9 July 1997)
● Dean's Medallion - Best Undergraduate Thesis in Physics U.P. Diliman (April 1992)

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