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Iskomunidad is an open-purpose community wiki of the University of the Philippines. It is a repository of information that may be useful in making University life more productive and fulfilling. Documentation on various projects at the University may also be written on this wiki. To know about other possible uses of Iskomunidad!, you may view President Roman's video, Chancellor Cao's message, or DILC's press release on the launching of iskwiki!. See also its FAQs and Possible Uses.

Iskomunidad!'s host, the Interactive Learning Center, reserves the right to delete any page deemed inappropriate or any contribution that violates copyright. (See also Iskomunidad's Deletion Policy.) Users of ILC services should abide by the terms of the University's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

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Maria Daniella R. 2020/05/21

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ILC Diliman Announcements

ILC Memorandum No. LCGJ-2020-01

ILC Memorandum No. LCGJ-2020-01 Announcement August 18, 2019 In preparation for remote learning i...

UVLe Hosted College of Music Online Entrance Examination

UVLê Hosts Online Music Theory Examination Announcement June 9, 2020 The Interactive Learning Ce...

Asst. Prof. Grepo steps in as the new director of ILC Diliman

Asst. Prof. Grepo steps in as the new director of ILC Diliman Announcement April 07, 2020 Asst. P...


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