Ma. Theresa Batangan

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Administrative Positions

Dr. Batangan is currently the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy. She is also the Deputy Director for Training and Outreach Programs of the UP Center for Women's Studies.

Courses handled

Dr. Batangan currently teaches the following courses in Psychology:

Psychology 118 - Field Methods in Psychology
Psychology 171 - Child Psychology

She has also handled the following courses:

Social Science 1- Foundations of the Social Sciences Social Sciences 3 - Gender and Sexuality Psychology 101- General Principles of Psychology Psychology 108- Filipino Psychology Psychology 115- Experimental Psychology Psychology 160- Physiological Psychology Psychology 202- Readings in Psychology Psychology 208- Research Methods in Psychology Psychology 279- Filipino Child Psychology 291- Developing Psychosocial Programs for Children and Adolescents


Awards and Recognitions

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