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* [[MUSDIKS:debak]]
* [[MUSDIKS:debak]]
* [[MUSDIKS:pendabak]]
* [[MUSDIKS:pendabak]]
[[Category: Dictionary of Filipino Music Terms]]
[[Category: Dictionary of Filipino Music Terms|D]]

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Word: debákan
category: musical instrument (verb)
1. ethno-linguistic group: Maguindanaon
2. General Physical Description: a native drum or a musical instrument in a muslim orchestra; normally referred to as a snare drum in English
other meanings:
n. - Blow
v. -To go at a gallop

3. General Playing technique:
4. Musical Function:in a muslim orchestra
5. Playing circumstance:

Maguinadanaon- English Dictionary
author: Robert E. Sullivan
Institute of Cotabato Culture
Notre Dame University