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Awit - /a-weet/ genre of song from Sariaya, Quezon where the singers answer each other in sung prose while toasting with the local coconut vodka called lambanog.

Word: awit

Source of Term: Filipino Heritage vol. 8

Language: Tagalog

Category: Literary form/Repertoire/form

Description: A literary form. A legend written in verse, based on the story of the crusades or the war between

the Moros and the Christians. It is also an epic or heroic poem written in filipino or spanish. Awit as a song
is a special tune or melody adapted to the reading of the awit or corrido. It is a direct offspringof the kumintang.
Written in ¾ time, it is similar to the so called strophic form of song, every verse being sung to the same tune.