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Lab-A-Bike is a washing machine powered by the UP Padyak bike. It's a spin-off project of UP Padyak project by the UP Mountaineers and is promoted by social entrepreneur Illac Angelo Diaz.

Lab-A-Bike on National TV. Photo by Illac Diaz

An earlier version of the washing machine, developed by mechanical engineering graduate student, Radu Raduta, won first prize in the MIT IDEAS competition in 2005. It was when he met up with a classmate at the Development Lab ( , Illac Diaz, a Filipino from MIT, that talks about bringing and redesigning the bike for the Philippines was initiated.

In cooperation with the UP Padyak Project Foundation ( , several new designs are being collaborated upon by local engineers working in tandem with the original MIT Team to create the first large scale prototype community laundry micro-enterprise in the University of the Philippines.

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