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Sun, C.N.L.E. (2011). L.S.S. Unpublished Undergraduate Dissertation, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication Paulo lost 20 years of his memory because of a rare kind of Alzheimer’s disease. He needs to sell his property in order to continue with his treatments in the States so he will not forget again. Coming back to his home in the Philippines, he finds himself wanting to know how he was before. In the process of selling his house, the only thing he can relate himself with is a song—the only thing he remembers from his past. Memory is a very delicate and important aspect of any individual. Without memory, one may not survive. This dissertation shall try to showcase the influence of memories, and the lack of, to an individual. It also attempts to present elements that are considered tools and catalysts of memory recall. Furthermore, this dissertation is an effort to show how memory is significant to personal identity and a tool for self-actualization. The story is based on a friend’s true story. At a young age, he lost his memory because of a rare kind of Alzheimer’s disease. He had undergone treatments in the States, but never really recovered his past memories.

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Subject Index : Alzheimer's disease , Memory