Kontrolado Ni Girly Ang Buhay N'ya

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Baldoza, G. M. (2018). Kontrolado Ni Girly Ang Buhay N’ya. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Kontrolado Ni Girly Ang Buhay N’ya is a slice-of-life of a teenage gay oppressed by his environment’s economic and sexist factors, in which the characters in the film try to survive and live on to what the realities of their lives give. The thesis film's framework uses Queer Feminism on Patriarchy, Capitalism and Sexual Violence as these reflect on the film’s women and queer characters as the primary mobilizers of progression and how both genders share such power to fight against their common oppressors. The film uses humanism and its universal language of humanity translated in writing, cinematography, editing, and design in the film’s form for its message to transverse divisions of individuality and power and to suture the audience’s consciousness in a non-passive familiar transcendence into the film’s humanism and reality.

Keywords: Queer Feminism, Patriarchy, Sexual Harassment, Queer Short Film

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