Kalayaan Residence Hall

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The Kalayaan Residence Hall is a university-operated dormitory located inside the UP Diliman campus. It is a co-educational dormitory housing freshmen. It is located at the corner blocks of Roces and Laurel avenues. It is currently managed by Mr. Rodolfo Robidillo, the dorm manger of the Kalayaan Residence Hall. The Office of Student Housing is located inside the dormitory.


The Kalayaan Hall was first opened on June 1975. Three years later, on June 1978, an annex was constructed to accommodate more freshmen coming from far provinces or even from the nearer regions CALABARZON and even NCR but with consideration to the annual income declared by the dormer.


Kalayaan is an H-type building composed of different corridors, namely:

  • First Floor Boys/Girls
  • Second Floor Boys/Girls
  • Third Floor Boys/Girls
  • Basement & First Floor Boys Annex
  • Second & Third Floor Boys Annex
  • Girls Annex
  • Second Floor Centerfold
  • Third Floor Centerfold

Each room in this dormitory is provided with basic furnishings, which include a cabinet, bed and mattress, study table and study lamp, and a study chair. There are 2 residents in each standard room.

Amenities Aside from dorm rooms, there are other amenities in the dormitory that provide the dormers entertainment, sports, and other activities. Inside the dormitory are sports facilities such as a basketball court, a volleyball court, and a ping-pong table which the students may use within the times specified by the dorm rules. The dormitory also has a TV area where a television can be used for viewing during dorm rule-specified times. It is also a wi-fi area so residents can access the internet using their laptops. Sometimes, orientations, assemblies, and other programs are also held here. The Kalayaan Residence Hall operates under a single fee system, meaning that residents pay the board and lodging fees to the dormitory, thus the canteen concessionaire operating in the Kalayaan Dining Hall. Adjacent to the dining area is a multi-purpose held for specific events and activities of the dormitory.

Kalayaan Dining Hall

The dining hall is a canteen-type establishment where there is a kitchen, serving areas, and dining tables. There is also a bakery on one side of the Dining Hall. Its mode can be compared to a free-flow cafeteria style.

Staff and Personnel

Dorm Manager The dormitory manager oversees the whole dorm and approves activities inside the dormitory. He serves saas the head of the dormitory.

Resident Assisstants Resident Assisstants (RA's) are assigned in each floor/division of the dormitory to monitor and guide the freshmen and help them adjust to the dormitory life but to university life as well. RA's are also responsible for different aspects (e.g. finance, dorm activities). RA's serve as big brothers and/or sisters and help the freshmen residents whenever the need arises. RA's are either upperclassmen or graduate students.

Security Personnel A security personnel is assigned at the main door of the dormitory who inspects the bags of students whenever a student enters. They are responsible for the security inside the dormitory. Currently, there are 2 security personnel at Kalayaan dorm, one in the morning until afternoon and one in the evening until midnight.