Justin Francis Leon V. Nicolas

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Administrative Positions

Chairperson, Department of Social Work, September 2019 to present; Field Instruction Coordinator, 2013, 2014

Courses handled

SW 201 Social Work Perspectives SW 225 Social Work Models SW 290 Social Work Research


Refereed Journal Articles

Nicolas, J.F.L.V. (2016). The creative journeys of Filipino social workers in program and policy development. Philippine Journal of Social Development, (8) 1-20.

Nicolas, J.F.L.V. (2016). Pushing the boundaries in social work: Establishing the place of creativity in disciplinary knowledge creation. Humanity Journal, 7 (1) 45-64

Nicolas, J.F.L.V. (2016). Social Work in East Asia edited by Christian Aspalter. 2014: Surrey, Ashgate. ISBN 978 1 47241 310 9. International Journal of Social Work, 25(1)105-106.

Nicolas, J.F.L.V. (2013). The meaning of creativity among Filipino social workers and its implication to governance. Philippine Journal of Social Development, (5) 89-111.

Book Chapters

Nicolas, J. & Gray, M. (2018). A unique sustainable livelihoods strategy: How resilient homeless families survive on the streets of Metro Manila, Philippines. In C. Zufferey & N. Yu (Eds.), Faces of homeless in the Asia Pacific (pp. 111-132). New York: Routledge

Leyson, A.T., Pablo, L.D. & Nicolas, J.V. (2014). Social work education in the Philippines. In T. Akimoto & K. Matsuo, (Eds.). Internationalization & Indigenization of Social Work Education in Asia. Japan: APASWE.


Luna, E.M. & Nicolas, J.F.L.V. (2014). Social protection vulnerability and adaptation manual. Quezon City: Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Nicolas, J.F.L.V. (2013). Module on action planning. In REDO Manual on inclusive approach to local planning: For local government social workers and government or non-government program implementers and supervisors on how to mainstream the rights and concerns of Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities in the Local Planning Process (OP/PWDs). Quezon City: REDO-CSWCD.

PhD Thesis (Unpublished)

Nicolas, J.F.L.V. (2019). Articulating creativity in social work practice. [PhD Thesis]. University of Newcastle NSW Australia.

Awards and Recognitions


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