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==See Also==
==See Also==
*[[:skwiki:Contributors_Page|Contributor's Page]]
*[[:Iskwiki:Contributors Page]]
*[[Embedding Media Contents in IskWiki!]]
*[[Embedding Media Contents in IskWiki!]]

[[Category:Tech Support]][[Category:DILC Matters]]
[[Category:Tech Support]][[Category:DILC Matters]]

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Access to certain "prefixed" pages is restricted. Only certain accounts are allowed to contribute to or edit a restricted page.

To contribute a prefixed page

1. Using your UP Webmail account, log in at iskWiki! to make sure your account is valid

2. Coordinate with DILC to have your login account grouped with other accounts allowed to access certain prefixed pages. Once this is done, you're now ready to create a restricted prefixed page.

3. To create a prefixed page, open the following URL in browser:

        i. Underscore (_) is a placeholder for space
       ii. The characters are case sensitive

Edit a prefixed page

Once you're logged in using an account that's grouped with other accounts allowed to access a prefixed page, you can edit it the same way you edit other iskWiki! documents.

Categorizing Prefixed Pages

  • To assure proper lexical ordering of prefixed pages, follow this format:

[[Category:Category Name|Word categorized]]

  • Categories are case sensitive: "hamog" is different from "Hamog"

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