Iskomunidad:How to embed and upload media files in iskomunidad

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How to embed and upload media files in iskomunidad?

  • First, in the upper right corner of your page click Edit.

It will show the page text editor.


  • Second, inside the editor click the embed file. Iskomunidad-embed.png
  • Next, Insert file window will show up and you may now click the Upload button.


  • Then, inside the Upload file window you may drag or select the file you want to upload and check the checkbox This is my own work before clicking the Upload button.


  • You may also provide the details (Name and Description) about the file you are going to upload then click Save.


  • Now, the Insert file window will show up. You may also customize the Caption, Size, Alignment, and Format before inserting. Now click the Insert button after customizing.


  • Finally, you may also manually customize the argument of the file inside the editor. e.g [[File:SampleFile.png|300px|thumb|center|This is a caption]]


  • Lastly, click Save Changes at the bottom of the editor.