Informatics in Biomedical Research and Health

Informatics in Biomedical Research and Health: An ELSI View of Challenges and Prospects



Lecture / Workshop
Friday, Oct 9, 2015, 2-5pm
Room 110
National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City

Resource Person:
Dr Romulo de Castro
DOST Balik Scientist Program Awardee



I. Overview of the EHR
I plan to present a balanced overview of electronic health records - the motivation for adoption, potential benefits in health and research, challenges in practice/utilization, and doctor/patient concerns. I will also discuss meaningful use and health information exchanges, and cite examples of implementation. Lastly, as we are in the Philippines, I will touch on disasters and the EHR.

II. Genomic Data and the EHR
As genomic technology gets better and less expensive, we ask: how will genome information change clinical practice? I will discuss the properties of genomic data and the ethical, legal and social considerations for incorporating this type of data into the EHR.

Background Materials

Pre-Participation Questions

1) Their (participants) view of electronic health records. Choose one.
Favorable (will have benefits for patients and population), unfavorable (will have no benefits and cause difficulties), neutral (doesn't matter whether it's paper or electronic)
2) What they think is the top barrier for EHR adoption. Choose one.
Cost (probably too expensive), lack of infrastructure and manpower (internet, IT professionals), not needed by doctors, doctors lack of knowledge/technology savvy, health leaders lack knowledge/vision, other (write-in)
3) Their view of genetic/genomic data. Choose one.
Can improve healthcare/life, complex and difficult to understand, has no use other than research, will be used to do awful things (eugenics), don't trust it.

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