In Her Eyes: A Study on the Situation of Women Photojournalists in the Philippines in the 21st Century


Alampay, K.P. (2013). In Her Eyes: A study on the status of women photojournalists in the Philippines in the 21st century. Unpublished undergraduate thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Despite the enormous impact women journalists have made and continue to make in Philippine media, photojournalism in the country has remains to be a largely a “man's world.” This thesis looks at the experiences of Filipino women photojournalists currently working in the Philippines within the past decade. The study analyzes the current status and situation of these women working for various local and international news agencies, as well as working as stringers and freelance photographers.

The study found that, though women are still a minority in the male-dominated field, sexual discrimination in giving assignments is no longer present. Some deterrents to women entering the field may be the hectic lifestyle as well as innate danger of the profession.

Physical challenges as well as sexual harassment are also problems that women photographers face, but in spite of this, women photojournalists in the Philippines have been able to assert themselves in the profession. Their passion not only for the craft but for the subjects they cover enables them to promote issues that may be overlooked, or give better attention to women's issues because of the access they have as women.

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