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Band members

cj panaligan- vocals
andrei panaligan- bass
andrew panaligan-lead
pj sico- drums
chuchin mendoza- rhythm


Alternative Pop Rock


The name “Iktus” came from the Greek word “Ichthus” which literally means fish. They changed the spelling to “Iktus” to add a Filipino flavor to it.

Iktus envisions to someday make it successful in the music scene. While waiting for their time to come, they enjoy their time together through different opportunities. Their experience ranges from playing on very simple gigs to gigs live on television with different celebrity bands. Their songs (Alaala, This time, True Love Waits, Destiny, Somehow) have also been played several times on NU107.

They also enjoy participating on battle of the bands. They first joined a battle of the band in UP Los Baños gaining 3rd place (year 2005). Then they joined UP Rockbakan gaining 2nd place (2006). Also on the year 2006, they joined DZJV battle of the bands gaining 1st prize and with special award – Best Vocalist. In the same year they joined Globe Kantabataan, a national songwriting contest and battle of the bands. The judges were Gary V. and Jet Pangan. In here they had some mentoring sessions with Mike Villegas and Rivermaya. Fortunately they were held as the champion of the said national songwriting contest and battle of the bands which was aired live at ASAP ABS-CBN. They had the opportunity to shoot a music video which was aired on MTV October to November on the same year. They also joined ATC battle of the bands last April 2007, with which they were as the champion and 19east battle of the bands with which their vocalist gained the Best Vocalist Award. They also won E-games battle of the bands last 2008. And on 2009, they were one of the lucky finalists of Nescafe Soundskool with which they had mentoring sessions with different celebrity bands. Aside from all these, Iktus had the opportunity of having different radio tours with the help of Globe Kantabataan and Nescafe Soundskool.

Iktus is a five piece Christian band that has been rockin’ and kickin’ since 2005. Their music is poprock / alternative. Their songs and their music are made with thoughts of touching the hearts of those who will listen. Their songs are usually about love, being positive, and about life’s essence. Every time they play, they want it to go straight to the heart of the audience, at the same time enjoying the music. When they step into the stage, they see to it that they give all their energy, and enjoying every single moment.

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