Ianthe Castro-de Leon

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MA Speech Communication
Syracuse University, New York, 1972
AB Speech and Drama
UP Diliman, 1968

Ianthe Castro-de Leon

Courses handled

Comm 3 (Practical Speech Fundamentals)

Speech 111 (Elements of Voice and Diction)

Speech 130 (Introduction to Rhetoric)

Speech 133 (Argumentation)

Speech 136 (Forms of Public Address)

Speech 137 (Group Discussion and Conference Leadership)

Speech 200 (Undergraduate Thesis)


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ICONmunicator: English Proficiency Self-Learning Manual

(with Buenaventura, Luis and Buenaventura, Villy). I-Contacts Corporation, with audio CD, 2003.

Practical Speech Fundamentals (with Bulan, Celia T.). unpublished, experimental edition of the Communication 3 textbook

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