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Dear Fellow Librarians and Friends,

For years, libraries have provided resources and services in support of the research, teaching and learning needs of people. People go to libraries to access information for their personal and professional growth.However, users tend to take libraries for granted and neglect them. This is because users themselves are usually not aware that they are very important stakeholders when it comes to the maintenance of libraries. Thus, unenlightened about their responsibilities as library users, they intentionally do not return books on time, mis-shelve books, irresponsibly damage library facilities, and commit other library violations without concern for other library users and for the library itself.

Recognizing this, the University of the Philippines College of Engineering Library II takes effort to advocate proper library etiquette and the need to respect the library as a shared space through the “i need. i value. ILOVEMYLIBRARY” campaign. We would like to encourage other libraries and information centers to take part in this endeavour which promotes responsibility among library users (faculty, students and staff) in the care, upkeep and maintenance of the library materials, facilities and equipment. The campaign outlines 10-Simple Ways to care and love the Library. We are promoting this campaign through the “i need. i value. ILOVEMYLIBRARY” products t-shirts and pins.

One day, in the next future, we hope that through this campaign, many people would learn to value the libraries by using and taking care of it as if it is their own possesion.

If you are interested to adapt this campaign and get “i need.i value.I LOVE MY LIBRARY” t-shirts and pins, you may contact our Reference Librarian at 981-85-00 local 3251 or email us at library@engglib2. upd.edu.ph. You may also wish to visit the UP College of Engineering Library II to see it for yourself how this campaign is being implemented. We welcome group tours and library visits.

Spread the campaign!

Elevate the libraries!


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