Housing Office

The Housing Office, a unit under the Vice Chancellor for Community Affairs, functions as collector of rentals from housing units occupied by faculty and the administrative staff.


On October 28, 1977 the Board of Regents (BOR) abolished the Office of Business Enterprises and, instead, created the Staff Housing Office and the Business Concessions Office under the Business Regulations Office of the Office of the President. On October 22, 1982, the BOR renamed the Staff Housing Office as Office of Student and Staff Housing. At its June 26, 1986 meeting, the BOR confirmed Executive Order No. 5 dated July 17, 1986, merging the Business Regulations Office and Staff Housing Office into the Housing and Business Office. But on 1028th BOR meeting on January 25, 1990 it was split into the Staff Housing Office and Business Concessions Office

Executive Order No. 2 dated January 2, 1990, signed by President Jose Abueva, transferring the supervision and control of all revenue-generating units of the University to the Office of the U.P. Business Manager. The Housing and Business Office was renamed �Housing Office�, with its functions limited to housing matters.

Organizational Structure

GERARDO O. LUCENA - Acting Director
ISRAEL J. VASQUEZ - College Business Manager II
MANUEL C. MAURO - Draftsman
EVELYN T. CAUTIVERIO - Administrative Officer I
GODELIA S. BAUTISTA - Administrative Assistant II
MEDELYN J. VILLAMORA - Administrative Assistant II
HENRY B. BONCOCAN - Administrative Aide
ARNEL F. CLATARO - Administrative Aide



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