Henry J. Ramos

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Dr. Henry J. Ramos

Institute National Institute of Physics(NIP)
Research Group Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPL)

Dr. Henry J. Ramos is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of Plasma science. Dr. Ramos used plasma technology, a high-energy gas, in developing state-of-the-art yet comparatively inexpensive coating technology for cutting tools in metal, wood and plastic items in construction supplies, car and computer parts, and many others. His low-temperature coating technology can deposit either a gold luster titanium nitride or a diamond-like thin film on metal substrates like knives, scissors, and drill bits that extend the lifetime of a device three to five times.

Dr. Ramos established the Plasma Physics Laboratory at the National Institute of Physics - University of the Philippines-Diliman, where he was director from 1993 to 2000. The laboratory was used in the experiment and development of modest plasma systems to provide researchers and students practical knowledge and skills on such area.

Dr. Ramos published at least 16 scientific papers on the subject. He is currently the country’s representative to the Asia Africa Association for Plasma Training. He also serves as peer reviewer in a scientific journal, IEEE Transactions in Plasma Science.[1]

Academic Rank & Administrative Position

Professor ,
Coordinator: Plasma Physics Laboratory
National Institute of Physics, College of Science
University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City 1101

Courses Handled

Physics 135 (Introductory Plasma Physics - Fundamental processes of ionization and deionization, basic properties of plasmas, particle or its in electromagnetic fields, continuum model of a plasma, waves in cold plasmas, thermonuclear reactions and plasma devices)



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Awards and Recognitions

  • NRCP Achievement Award in Physics (1992)
  • Outstanding Research and Development in Advanced Science and Technology of PCASTRD-DOST, first prize (2003)
  • Advanced Technology Award of the University of the Philippines (2005)
  • Meritorious Service Award from PCASTRD-DOST (2007)
  • UP International Publication Awards (2000)
  • Gawad Chancellor Awards (1996 and 1998)
  • 50 Men and Women of Science Award by the Philippine Department of Science and Technology (2008)
  • UP Centennial Professorial Award in UP Diliman (2008 and 2010)

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