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Categorization in iskWiki! means creating new categories and merging articles into such categories to cater search needs.


The objectives of article categorization are the following:

  1. To incorporate all article into one or more subjects;
  2. To enable quick-search by looking into pages with the same subject and interest.

Category code construct is determined by:

  [[Category:Category name]]

The word Category is a constant term, while Category names can be found in a listing here. Help articles are accessible, for the meantime, on the welcome template.

When to categorize articles

An article could be categorized specifically when it does not have its category. An article with existing category can be further categorized into appropriate multiple categories. There are existing number of categories here on iskWiki!.

Category codes can be inserted anywhere of the page, but for referencing future edits, it is necessary that category codes should be inserted on the lowest portion of the whole article or template not on the section of an article.

Categorizing articles

Remember that articles and templates are very much different from one another, so maybe we should put distinctions when we are dealing with categories.


To categorize an article, the main syntax here would be:

  [[Category:your category name here]]

The variable word your category name here would be retrieved on lists of categories. Choose any of the categories listed. However, if a category is not existing and still it follows your article preference, you may still continue using such category name. Remember that the title of your article will still be included on the chosen category.

For example, if you want to include an article into No Category category,

  [[Category:No Category]]

and naturally, such category is not existing, it will give you red link like this:

Category:No Category

Clicking the No Category link will redirect you into new page which entitles you to create a description page for the No Category category.


Templates have their own place on categories. When a template is done, you must categorized them by inserting the code:


Help Pages

When categorizing help pages (Help pages have the construct Help: before the name description), you must insert the code:

  [[Category:Help Pages]]

Do not be confused with the difference between Help name and the Help Pages name when categorizing articles. Help name is only used for talk pages that needed help.