Health Services

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Every employee of the University is entitled to health services from start of employment until separation from the service. The University Health Service (UHS) engages in preventive-promotive activities such as pre-employment medical examination and chest X-ray, physical-medical examinations for other purposes (e.g. scholarship abroad, travel, permanency, pre-natal and well-baby check-ups, and dental examination). Except for pre-employment medical examination and chest x-ray, all these are provided free of charge to all UP employees.

The Health Service has the capabilities to handle primary to secondary medical cases on an in-patient basis. Out-patient services include general out-patient clinic, dental clinic, nutrition clinic and specialty clinics (secondary care). Consultation is free in the first three clinics. Full-pledged specialists provide secondary care on an out-patient basis at the specialty clinics and UP employees who avail themselves of such services are charged consultation fess at discounted rates, kept below the going rates of comparable private specialty clinics.

The Health Service's Emergency room is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; its services including transport (ambulance) are intended EXCLUSIVELY FOR URGENT AND EMERGENCY CASES ONLY. The University Health Service has the facilities and competence to fully manage primary to secondary medical

- offers dental, medical, emergency services to university students, faculty, and staff.