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Hanap, Usap, Deal: A Descriptive Study of OLX as a mobilizer of Philippine E-commerce industry


This research aims to contribute to adding knowledge regarding the significance and place in the E-commerce industry of the biggest E-commerce site in the Philippines, OLX. For this study, the researcher determined the different factors that contribute to the popularity of OLX as an E-commerce website. This study also looked into how OLX mobilized the Ecommerce industry in the Philippines. The researcher utilized the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) marketing model by Elias St. Elmo Lewis to describe the persuasion process undergone by users in relation to the marketing strategies employed by OLX in different platforms such as television, transit and radio. Aside from the marketing strategies employed by OLX, the website design was taken into consideration to gain insights on how the visual elements of a webpage affect the preference of users towards a certain brand. The researcher conducted a survey on 200 respondents from nine cities in Metro Manila. According to the findings, OLX is still well-known despite tight market competition and most of the respondents considered it as their first choice among other E-commerce websites. A lot of the respondents also searched for wide array of products which proves that OLX is an online marketplace for small and huge transactions. The results of the study also validated the importance of a good website design in determining the preferences of the users as most of the respondents regarded OLX’s website design as user-friendly. It is then recommended to conduct a further study on the comparison between OLX and its strong competitors to determine how varied the E-commerce industry is in terms of overall website design and marketing strategies.

Keywords: E-commerce, OLX, marketing

Rico, K.A.R. (2017). Hanap, Usap, Deal: Descriptive study of OLX as a mobilizer of the Philippine E-commerce industry. Unpublished undergraduate thesis. Quezon City: University of the Philippines Diliman.

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