Guidance on the Obligatory Self-quarantine in relation to the Influenza A(H1N1)

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Office of the Chancellor

June 19, 2009

Memorandum No. SSC-09-036

To: Deans, directors, Department Chairs

Head of Units
All Concerned

Subject : Guidance on the Obligatory Self-Quarantine in relation to the Influenza A(H1N1)

In the meeting of deans and college secretaries on June 17, 2009, it was decided that the following guidelines on the obligatory self-quarantine will be adopted:

  • 1. Faculty members, REPS, and administative staff who will be going abroad will be required to comply with the obligatory self-quarantine for ten (10) days upon their return, beginning from the day of arrival. When approving or recommending rquests for travel authority, heads of units shall approve/ endorse with the condition "shall comply with the DOH guidelines on self-quarantine upon return."
  • 2. When evaluating requests for travel authority of faculty members, the "percentage of class missed" shall include the class meetings missed due to self-quarantine. Provisions for make-up classes shall be indicated in the request form.
  • 3. REPS and administrative staff who will be going abroad on official business shall also be on self-quarantine for ten (10) days upon their return. The working days within the period of self-quarantine shall not be charged against cumulative leave credits. The concerned employee shall coordinate with the head of office / administrative officer for provision for performance of some functions while on self-quarantine.
  • 4. Units are enjoined to adopt a liberal/ non-punitive A (H1N1) related sick leave/ "special leave" policies for REPS and administrative staff for those
    • with documented illness and those
    • who have to take care of sick family members

In the event of widespread A(H1N1) infection in a particular office, personnel who are at increased risk of flu complication (e.g. the immuno-compromised, the pregnant, those with pre-existing medical condition, the elderly) should be placed on administrative leave.