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"Great Ideas dot PH" ( is a project designed to highlight a diversity of great ideas at its online portal and through a series of events. One of the major events is the "Great Ideas" Symposium (see details below). logo.png

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The Concept

Project Description. The "Great Ideas dot PH" Project ( includes a portal and a series of events showcasing "great ideas" in the Philippines. One of the major events is the "Great Ideas" Symposium where top five (5) UP Professors will serve as resource speakers. These professors are to be nominated and voted upon by thousands of UP constituents.

Why the "Great Ideas dot PH" Project?
Everything starts with an idea; great things, with "great ideas."

Compelling materials discussing great ideas are good conversation starters. They are a good educational resource. The "Great Ideas dot PH" will serve as online portal where institutions and organizations can document and share their best peer-reviewed ideas. Through the portal, the public may interact with purveyors of great ideas. Schools and other institutions may use the resources at the online portal for instructional purposes.

The "Great Ideas dot PH" can be a good platform to promote interdisciplinary commerce. As ideas are not limited by arbitrary disciplinal boundaries, the Project fosters scholarly collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Beneficiaries. The Project directly benefits public school libraries in Metro Manila and other provinces. Multimedia packets of locally produced educational materials will be distributed to less privileged educational institutions. Resources generated will also support the training program of the UP Diliman Interactive Learning Center (DILC) for the UP faculty and other constituents.

The Project also engages the public in an educational experience of celebrating great ideas with our top University professors.

Other Prospects. The Project can highlight ideas that propelled Filipino companies to success or drove best practices in the industry. It can discuss the inspirations driving institutions and movements to effect positive social change.

The Project's online portal can also serve as medium to address general themes and specific issues. Which "great ideas" out there can solve specific problems?

The Symposium

"Great Ideas" Symposium - 6 October 2010, 2pm, Malcolm Hall. Photo by UP AVCOM

This is UP! - the Great Ideas Symposium showcases top five (5) UP professors from different fields who will talk (for 10 minutes each) about ideas, subjects, research projects they are most passionate about. These professors are to be nominated or chosen by a popular vote at the "Great Ideas dot PH" portal ( Anybody with a UP Webmail account can register, nominate or vote.

The Symposium serves many ends:

  • to celebrate "great ideas"
  • to further promote DILC's platforms for interactive learning among its constituents
  • to introduce a diversity of academic disciplines to the larger public
  • to provide an opportunity for UP professors to share their passions to a diverse audience.

To ensure popular support or wide participation, DILC will seek help from colleges, departments, student organizations, sponsors, and media.

The Great Ideas Symposium will be held on Wednesday, _________, 3pm.

Selection Rules

The top 5 faculty speakers shall be chosen with these rules:

  1. Anyone with a UP Webmail account can nominate a UP faculty member thought to be good at articulating ideas in his/her academic discipline.
  2. The nominee must currently be teaching (meaning, having institutionally credited teaching load) at the University of the Philippines Diliman.
  3. One may vote for a maximum of five (5) nominees.
  4. One may nominate only one faculty member.
  5. A maximum of two (2) Symposium speakers can come from the same academic cluster.
  6. Only one of the 5 speakers can come from the same department or college. The number of nominees from the same department or college may, however, be more than one faculty.
  7. No faculty speaker can come from the same department as any of the speakers from the last Great Ideas Symposium.
  8. Within two months prior to the closing of the online voting, contenders for the top 5 faculty speakers shall be informed of their possible inclusion in the panel of faculty members who will serve as resource persons at the Symposium. Soon after the receipt of notice, these contenders are to express firm commitment to serve as resource speakers, in case they get to be in the Top 5. Without such expression of firm commitment, the organizers of the Symposium will drop the names of concerned individuals from the roster of nominees.
  9. "Firm commitment" from a nominated faculty resource person includes the submission of a 100-word provocative summary of his/her topic.
  10. Nominations shall end on ______; voting, on _______.

These rules are not final unless included in the "Great Ideas dot PH" portal (


  • the top 5 professors shall receive honoraria
  • most of all, honor and recognition!

The Project in the News

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Academic Units

  1. UP College of Law
  2. UP College of Education
  3. UP School of Library and Information Studies
  4. UP Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts
  5. UP College of Mass Communication
  6. Department of Psychology

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Student Groups
A student org partner is chosen on the basis of recommendations from faculty colleagues, its track record, or its prior experience working with DILC.

  1. UP Industrial Engineering Club
  2. UP Junior Marketing Association
  3. Tau Rho Xi
  4. UPTV
  5. UP Speca
  6. Pre-Med Honors Society
  7. Association of Visual Communicators (AVCom)
  8. CSSP Student Council
  9. Engineering Student Council

Media partners are chosen on the basis of the following criteria:

  • good following by UP constituents
  • concrete proposals to help the Project promote its activities or raise resources for "Great Ideas" and other DILC projects

Other parties interested in forging partnerships for the "Great Ideas" Project may email

Possible Parallel Projects

Project Partners may also pursue any of these possible projects:

  • commissioned essays on "great ideas" in the disciplines in the Philippines. An online forum (where these essays can be discussed by the public) may be created.
  • commissioned documentaries on "great ideas" (in, say, Philippine literature, music, visual arts, sciences, engineering, etc).
  • commissioned interviews with purveyors of "great ideas"
  • "Great Ideas" Tour - speaking tours of top UP Professors
  • "Great Ideas" Awards (say, "Great Ideas in Philippine Finance" Award), in partnership with professional organizations
  • "Great Project Idea" Contest - where the public will vote for existing initiatives (inspired by great ideas) under certain themes (example: climate change, community building, education, etc.)

Updates and Mailing Lists

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