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*David Jonathan C. Garcia - Owner, [ Mapmaker] (A Cartography Facebook page)
*David Jonathan C. Garcia - Owner, [ Mapmaker] (A Cartography Facebook page)
*Roi Anton C. Boribor - Most recent Summa Cum Laude graduate of the BS Geography program, University of the Philippines Diliman
*Roi Anton C. Boribor - Most recent Summa Cum Laude graduate of the BS Geography program, University of the Philippines Diliman
*Kristian Karlo C. Saguin - Philippine Social Science Council's 2018 Virginia A. Miralao Excellence in Research Award

==Activities and Events==
==Activities and Events==

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Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines (GSUP)
GSUP logo 4.png
Established February 1963
Headquarters Pavilion 2, Palma Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines 1101
Home College College of Social Sciences and Philosophy
Online Resources Facebook Page

IAYG Website
Twitter Feed
Philippine Geography Olympiad
Geog Ride

Executive Committee
A.Y. 2018-2019
President Jose Mari O. Espares
Vice President for Internal Affairs Ma. Isabella T. Buensuceso
Vice President for External Affairs Robert R. Rosario
Secretary General Sasha Kelsi Ysle E. Encina
Academic Committee Head Jacob D. Jacela
Finance Committee Head Carlos D. Cruzit
Events and Publicity Committee Head Beatrice T. Lim
Faculty Advisers Dominique Sasha N. Amorsolo
Eula Fae D. Sola

The Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines (GSUP) is an academic, college based organization from the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP), composed of individuals that are driven together with a common goal and passion of making Geography better known. The Society aims to unite the members through its principles and objectives: to promote the science of Geography and the practice of geographic inquiry in the Filipino context, and to develop camaraderie and enhance scholastic excellence among Geography majors and students from other disciplines.


In the year 1963, the Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines (GSUP) was established by a number of great minds in the then Department of Geology and Geography; lead by Ricardo S. Domingo, Jr. (B.S. Geography ’65), the society’s founder and first president. After only nine years of existence, the organization faced challenges that brought it to a period of uncertainty and stasis. The political repression caused by the declaration of Martial Law in 1972 forced the disappearance of activities of academic organizations in the University. In the year 1980 however, through the leadership of Darlene Gutierrez (BS Geography ’83) GSUP abled to regain its strength. At that time, every Geography Major was a member of the organization aside from Geography enthusiasts from other disciplines.

In 1983, during the time when the College of Arts and Sciences had dissolved into three Colleges, the Geography section decided to detach from the Department of Geology and Geography and establish a separate Department in the newly formed College of Social Sciences and Philosophy (CSSP) as a remark of most faculty members' and graduates' inclination to the Social Sciences. Following the Department of Geography, GSUP from then on based in CSSP.

In the mid-1990’s, GSUP experienced a brief hiatus in its activities following the graduation of the members of its Executive Committee in 1996. During Jonas Gaffud’s presidency in 1997, activities and recruitment of new members for the organization was resumed and intensified. In less than a year, the organization regained its dominant position as the only undergraduate organization in the Department of Geography. Under the presidency of Angelica Geronimo in 2007, GSUPtember, an activity-filled month of September, was implemented apart from the annual week-long anniversary celebration during the month of February.

Through the years the organization has been improving and incessantly bearing witness through its projects that promote the science of Geography. Guided by its organizational principles, GSUP has remained an instrument in moulding its members to become excellent individuals in the discipline and in the society.

GSUP was, and still is, a home for most of the members of the Geography Department Faculty in the recent past. At present, The Organization is also known for the student leaders it has awakened. Since 1992, the Organization has provided eighteen (18) Geography department representatives, ten (10) councilors, and two (2) vice chairpersons in the CSSP Student Council. Until now, GSUP is still carrying its goal of producing individuals of principles and values. GSUP aims to give its members a training ground for leadership, a space for self-improvement and countless opportunities to understand the discipline. On average for every year the UP Department of Geography has been existing, a GSUP Resident Member graduates with honors. Five out of six Magna Cum Laude BS Geography graduates are GSUP Alumni.

Recently, the organization successfully conducted two new projects. The GeogRide and the first inter-high school Geography quiz bee in the country, the Philippine Geography Olympiad. In the near future, GSUP hopes to provide new and/or enhanced projects that would help the students realize the importance of Geography.

In February 2012, the Alumni Association of the Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines Inc. (GSUP Alumni Inc.) was formally registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission to establish an association that would maintain connections among the Alumni Members of the GSUP. The following December, GSUP Alumni Inc. was recognized as an Organization-Based Chapter of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association (UPAA). Among the projects of the GSUP Alumni Inc., in cooperation with the GSUP and the UP Department of Geography, are the Philippine Geospatial Forum and the Philippine Geospatial Congress.


The organization's official tambayan or headquarters is located at the 1st floor of the Pavilion 2 Hallway right beside the CSSP Faculty Lounge.

Committees and Members

Residents A.Y. 2018-2019 1st Semester
Jose Mari O. Espares
Membership Committee
Ma. Isabella T. Buensuceso
Eugene Lucas Acevedo Jr.
Jael O. Gonzales
External Affairs Committee
Robert R. Rosario
Catherine P. De Jesus
Oliver P.P. Luna
Records Committee
Sasha Kelsi Ysle E. Encina
Monica May L. Mendoza
Julienard Marie T. Deloso
Karen de la Cruz
Academic Committee
Jacob D. Jacela
Meghan Roelle P. Ege
Kyle Vincent R. Singson
Finance Committee
Carlos D. Cruzit
Ayla Michelle M. Faller
Jasper Alvin M. Inciong
Events and Publicity Committee
Beatrice Patricia T. Lim
Niel Adrian L. Babay
Lou Benedict V. Daran
Jianne Mae C. Pamintuan

Distinguished Members and Alumni

  • Ricardo S. Domingo Jr. - Founder, Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines
  • Darlene O. Gutierrez, Ph.D. - College Secretary, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Jonas A. Gaffud - President & Manager, Mercator Artist & Model Mgt
  • David Jonathan C. Garcia - Owner, Mapmaker (A Cartography Facebook page)
  • Roi Anton C. Boribor - Most recent Summa Cum Laude graduate of the BS Geography program, University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Kristian Karlo C. Saguin - Philippine Social Science Council's 2018 Virginia A. Miralao Excellence in Research Award

Activities and Events


Official GeogRide logo

The Geog Ride is a semestral event spearheaded by the Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines (GSUP). During the past years, GSUP has taken students to different places such as Pangasinan, Bataan, Zambales, and Batangas to provide experiences outside the classroom. The Geog Ride has been providing students an opportunity to gauge their understanding of the lessons, test the skills they have learned during class discussions, and apply them in real world scenarios. It also aims to make them perceptive specifically on the need for proper resource management and the advantages of a sustainable tourism.

The event involves three main activities: the GeogReview, which allows the students to participate in an educational tour and discussion featuring the geography and culture of the selected province, the GeogRace, which incorporates the concepts learned from the GeogReview to a fun and challenging amazing race, and the GeogRelax, wherein the participants can unwind and enjoy the recreational activities prepared by their hosts. The GeogRide is dedicated to developing the appreciation for the science of Geography, unfolding a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship among UP students, and promoting the Philippines’ beautiful landscapes and its genuine culture.

Philippine Geography Olympiad

Official Philippine Geography Olympiad logo

The premier nationwide inter-high school Geography quizbee presented by the organization recognized by the International Geography Olympiad (iGEO) of the International Geographical Union. The competition aims to:

  • Promote the discipline of Geography among high school students
  • Introduce Geography as a discipline that deals with the study of the earth as one home, and a possible career path where students are taught skills in analyzing geographic patterns observed on the Earth’s surface, as well as understanding human-environment interactions
  • Provide a venue for high school geography enthusiasts to share their knowledge and interests in geography.


GSUP Week is a week-long celebration which showcases several events organized by the organization. These events are open to everyone, especially UP students, in order to reach the largest number of people possible.

  • Week-Long Exhibit

Throughout the duration of the whole event, an exhibit will be displayed in Palma Hall, one of the University's busiest lobbies where students from every college converge.

  • GSUPerspective

A newly-launched forum tackling various issues in a geographic point of view.

  • Geog Alog

The ultimate mind and body challenge, a quiz show that will showcase geography in a fresh and exciting format. The event is participated by students from different colleges of the University and by our partner organizations.

  • GSUPaikot

As a way of saying thanks, the organization will give free ikot jeepney rides to everyone on the last day of GSUP Week.


International Association of Young Geographers (IAYG)

The Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines is the first official student branch of the IAYG in the Philippines located at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.

The IAYG is a global nonprofit organisation taking a lead in advancing geography and geology, and access to education in these subjects. Serving students and the stakeholders that support them in geography (educators, parents, field experts, institutions, and anyone who believes in a more informed, connected future), the IAYG is empowering children and educators on five continents through free, game-changing programmes. With a global mindset, the IAYG works to open unprecedented access to education and advance this critical field for tens of thousands of students and educators. Their work is made possible by the incredible efforts of volunteers and volunteer employees worldwide – involved educators, distinguished field experts, institutions, and community stakeholders making a difference.

External Links

Facebook Page
Twitter Feed
IAYG Website
Philippine Geography Olympiad
Geog Ride