Frequently Asked Questions (UVLe)

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From Teachers and Students

1. How does one sign up for UVLe?

If you're a DilNet account holder, just log in with the same credentials. If you're from other CUs (constituent university), either you need a manual account or your campus authentication system needs to be federated with DILC's authentication system.

2. Do I need to use my UPD Webmail address as my default email address on UVLe?

No. You may use an email address other than your UPD Webmail address. Your UPD Webmail login name and password are used only during login, only for authentication purposes.

3. I cannot access UVLe from within UP DILNET. What can I do?

If there is a proxy exemption or proxy bypass for '*', remove it. (If there are others like *, no need to remove those.) The technical reason for this is that is currently located on the external network (i.e. on the Internet), and thus can only be accessed from within DILNET through UPD's proxy servers. (See also "Setting Proxy Exception" on Dilnet)

4. When I register for the first time, I'm asked to supply my email address. Does this email have to be UPD Webmail address?

No. You may use any email address, especially the one that you usually use. The DilNet account is used primarily for authentication purposes.

4. I lost my DilNet account details. How can I retrieve them?

Please visit [1] to reset your DilNet Account. If it doesn't work, please visit the University Computer Center for the reset. Bring your UP ID or Form 5.

Most likely owners of accounts created in 2005 or earlier would need to visit the UP Computer Center to reset their lost passwords.

From Teachers

1. How can my students join the course on UVLe?

These steps:

    i. Log in at using your DilNet account
   ii. Go to the individual course that either DILC or your department's course creator has created for you
  iii. Click on "Course Administration" | "Users" | "Enrollment Methods" | "Self Enrollment"
   iv. Set the Enrollment Key that you wish your students to use to enroll themselves in your UVLe course

2. How can I upload my files and share them with my students?

These steps:

    i. click on "Turn editing on" (on the upper left corner) | "Add a resource" | "File" 
   ii. type in "Name" of file | "Select files" | "Upload a file"  | Save 

3. I want my students to upload their files (not send to me those files as attachments). How can I let my students do that with UVLe?

After logging in at UVLe using your DilNet account, go to your course and follow these steps:

    i. Click on "Turn editing on"
   ii. Click on "Add an activity" under the relevant section
  iii. Under "Assignment", click on "Advanced uploading of files" (if you want your students to upload multiple files) or "Upload a single file"
    * If you do not want any submission beyond a set deadline, enable "Prevent late submissions" option. 
    * If you expect that a single submission involves a large file, adjust the upload size accordingly.

4. Who can create an UVLe course?

If a request is sent to, the DILC will create an UVLe course for any current faculty member of UP Diliman. Deans, department chairmen, College IT officers can also be authorized to create UVLe courses for their teachers.

5. What's the upload limit on UVLe?

For each file: 50Mb. No limit on the number of files. For files bigger than 50Mb, please see our torrent service.

6. How can I reuse my course?

You can reuse your course using this instruction. Reusing or reseting a course is better than starting a new one.

For more information:

From Students

1. Is my temporary CRS account / student number (# YYYYXXXXX) the same as my DilNet account?

No, they're not the same. A temporary CRS account is given primarily for pre-enlist purposes. To get a DilNet account, you must go to 2nd Floor University Computer Center and bring your current Form 5 or UP ID. It is open between 8am - 5pm, Mondays to Fridays.

2. Why is my class not on UVLe?

Persuade your teacher to get on UVLe. Help is just an email away: . To bone up, start with "Why UVLe for Teachers".

3. Why didn't I receive the Forum post from my teacher?

Please check the accuracy of your email address indicated in your Profile.

From Course Creators

Aside from DILC staff, deans, department chairmen, college IT officers can be designated as course creators.

1. Why doesn't a teacher's name show in the list of potential users? I want to assign him as teacher of an UVLe course.

Let him register first at UVLe using his DilNet account. Only then will his name show up in the list of potential users.

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