For Adults Also: Why College Students Watch Cartoons

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For "Adults" Also: Why College Students Watch Cartoons


    This study aims to understand the reasons why college students watch cartoon programs and whether watching cartoons affect their sense of identity. Focus group discussions were carried out to gather the necessary information. 
    Each discussion was divided into three parts: Part I focused on the needs that college students sought to meet in watching cartoon programs; Part II dealt with the gratifications that they got from watching; and Part III looked into whether watching cartoons affected the formations of their identities as adults.  
    People watch to fulfil certain needs. Adults watch primarily for entertainment, just like young children. They also watch for diversion, establishment of relationship with others, surveillance, and formation of personal identity. 
    The personal identities of the young adult respondents who continue to watch cartoons are not affected. 

Keywords: college students young adults television cartoons uses and gratifications